You can make a difference – join us in bringing inclusivity and fairness back to politics.

Swing Left Greater Boston supports local activists and grassroots groups in our shared mission to take back the House in 2018. Our site is where you will find valuable resources, upcoming events, and ways to connect to the thriving community of activists right here in the greater Boston area!

It starts with us!

The most effective time to volunteer is The Last Weekend before Election Day (Saturday 11/3–Tuesday 11/6). Studies have shown that conversing with people in the four days before Election Day is the most effective way to get people to vote, and will help take back the House. Getting more volunteers to talk and encourage people to vote on The Last Weekend will help make a big difference in a key race. We all have the power to make a change. Don’t just vote– volunteer!

Can you volunteer in-district for a few days (or more?) before The Last Weekend? Check out Trip to Flip!

Are you disappointed about the 2016 Presidential Election results? Swing Left Greater Boston is here to change the devastating outcome of 2016 Election with real impact from people like you! With an amazing support system to take back the House, valuable resources, and a little bit of hope, we can take back the House, and eventually make our envisioned America a reality! Ready to get to it? Start here, and visit our events page.

Getting involved and supporting great candidates can be as simple as knocking on doors! Passionate people are already mobilizing voters to head to the polls this November. Check out our events page, and sign up today!

Phone conversations are one of the most effective ways to increase voter turnout. Phone calls are crucial for Democrats to take back the House! It only takes one phone call to make a difference. Check out our events page, and sign up today!