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About Swing Left Greater Boston

In 2019, Swing Left Greater Boston engaged more than 4,000 volunteers in the fight to help Democrats take back the House of Representatives. In 2020, Swing Left Greater Boston helps volunteers and groups across New England take effective action to win back the White House, the Senate and other key races as the next step in restoring our democracy. 

We empower activists within New England’s blue bubble to help flip swing states, such as those depicted on the 2020 Super State Strategy map. Our activist activities include phone banking, sending postcards that encourage enrollment in vote-by-mail, and other tactics statistically proven to move the needle. 

Our website comprises:

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What does activism look like?

From at-home postcard and letter writing to virtual phone banking and text banking, there are so many ways you can volunteer your time with Swing Left Greater Boston.

Take it firsthand from one of our volunteers, Rebecca Riccio, who explains in the video below why this election is so important, and how phone banking is a lot less intimidating than you probably realize.