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Presidential Race

  • 11 electoral college votes
  • Rating
    • Cook Political Report: Tossup
  • 20016 Election Margin: Trump +4.1%

Senate Race

  • Incumbent Senator Jon Kyl (R)
    • Open: Incumbent Senator Jon Kyl (R) succeeded the late Senator John McCain (R). It is reported that Senator Kyl will resign by the end of the year. In November 2018, Kyrsten Sinema (D) narrowly defeated Martha McSally to flip the open seat of retiring GOP Senator Jeff Flake (R). She is the first Democrat Arizona has elected to the Senate since 1988.
    • Jon Kyl Senate Page
    • Jon Kyl Wikipeda Page
  • Rating
    • Cook Political Report: Lean Republican
    • Sabato: Tossup
  • Arizona Wikipedia Senate Race

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)

AZ-01 district map arizona 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat
  • Population Centers: Phoenix (partial), 4,270,000; Tucson (partial), 990,000; Prescott (partial), 210,000; Lake Havasu (partial), 200,000; Flagstaff, 130,000
  • Geography: Arizona’s 1st Congressional District is the 10th-largest congressional district in the  country and includes much of the state outside the Phoenix and Tucson  metropolitan areas. The district is sparsely populated and includes Grand Canyon  National Park as well as national forests and other protected lands.
  • Citizenry: about 760,000 residents, including the largest Native American  population of any congressional district in the country. AZ-01 includes the Navajo  Nation, the Hopi Reservation, and the Gila River Indian Community. The district’s  population is estimated to be 66% white, 25% Native American, and 17% Hispanic.  Fifty-five percent of the district’s population is urban, while 45% is rural.
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AZ-02 district map arizona 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat
  • Population Centers: Tucson, 523,278 (partial, state’s 2nd largest city); Sierra Vista, 45,187; Douglas, 17,288; Bisbee, 5,507; Benson, 5,056; Willcox, 3,710
  • Geography and Climate: Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District occupies the southeast corner of the state,  covering parts of Pima and Cochise Counties. The district includes more than 20,000  square miles of mostly high desert grassland, featuring mountains and wide valleys.  It includes two-thirds of Tuscon. Elevations run from 3,500 to 6,000 feet with the  highest peaks in the eastern Chiracahua Range. The district’s semi-arid climate  features mild winters and hot summers. In most months, rainfall rarely exceeds one  inch, but July and August are considered the “monsoon season,” which is highlighted  by intense storms that often cause flash floods.
  • Citizenry: nearly 90% of the district’s 723,000 people live in urban areas, most particularly in  the Tucson metropolitan area. Door-to-door canvassing is difficult in the district’s  rural areas, as population centers are widely dispersed. The population is 82% white,  14% Hispanic, 2% black, and 2% Asian. The district’s median household income is  nearly $45,000. Ninety percent of the district’s citizens have a high school diploma,  and 30% have college degrees.
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az-06 district map arizon 2020