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Presidential Race

  • 13 electoral college votes
  • Rating:
    • Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat
  • 2016 Election Margin: Clinton +2.8%

Senate Race

House Race


CO-06 district map colorado 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat
  • Population Centers: Aurora, 346,000 (largest suburb  in Colorado); Centennial (partial), 110,000; Highlands Ranch (partial), 97,000; Parker (partial), 50,000; Brighton (partial), 38,000; Greenwood Village (partial),  16,000
  • Geography: CO-06 forms a rough semicircle around Denver International Airport. The district is  centered around Aurora, a populous, diverse suburb east of Denver, but also  includes the more rural Brighton to the north and, to the south, a collection of  suburbs including Centennial and parts of Highlands Ranch and Parker in  conservative Douglas County.
  • Demographics: though overwhelmingly white, CO-06 is not without ethnic and economic diversity. It includes some of the wealthiest and poorest areas of the Denver metro area.  Twenty-one percent of the population is of Hispanic heritage, 9% is black, and about  14% is foreign born. In 2015, 8% of the district’s residents had no health insurance,  while 28% were covered by public plans.
  • Politics: about a third of the district’s voters are registered Democrats, a third are Republican,  and a third are unaffiliated. While the north and south sections of CO-06 lean  conservative, more diverse Arapahoe County voted Democrat in the last three  presidential elections. Nevertheless, down-ballot voting went Republican, and the  GOP has won every House race since 1990.
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