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Why Florida?


  • Presidential: Trump won by 1.3% and rated a toss-up
  • House: one competitive district to flip (FL-15) and two to defend (FL-26 and FL-27)
  • Voter registration activities underway: Sister District and Movement Voter Project as on-the-ground partners, and prior SLGB and Trip to Flip in-state experience .

Action Paths (in progress)

Presidential Race

  • 29 electoral college votes
  • Rating:
    • Cook Political Report: Tossup
  • 2016 Election Margin: Trump +1.3%

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)


FL-15 district map florida 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Democrat
  • Population Centers: Tampa Bay area, 2.9 million; Brandon, 105,000; Lakeland, 99,000; Plant City, 35,400; Clermont, 29,000; Four Corners, 29,000
  • Geography: FL-15 straddles the Interstate 4 corridor that connects Orlando and Tampa, bridging  eastern Hillsborough County (including Tampa suburb Brandon and Temple Terrace),  northern Polk county (Lakeland), and southern Lake County (Clermont). The western  part of the district is mostly suburban; the rest of the district is mostly rural.
  • Citizenry: district 15 is fairly ethnically diverse. It’s approximately 65% white, with substantial  black and Hispanic populations. The district is socioeconomically diverse. The eastern  part of the district leans Democrat, where many residents commute to high-income  jobs in Tampa. The rest of the district leans Republican: in Lakeland, many jobs are  provided by Publix Supermarkets’ headquarters and Lakeland Regional Health, in  addition to jobs in call centers (like Geico Insurance) and logistics distribution centers  (like Amazon). In the rural parts of the district, many residents work in agriculture  (berries, tomatoes, citrus, livestock) and mining (phosphate extraction). The Ledger is  the main local newspaper; the Tampa Bay Times and the Orlando Sentinel are large  regional papers.
  • Learn more at FL-15


FL-26 district map florida 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Republican
  • Population Centers: Homestead, 60,512; Kendale Lakes, 56,901; Tamiami, 55,271; The Hammocks, 51,003; Kendall West, 38,034; South Miami Heights, 35,696
  • Geography: FL-26 comprises a portion of Miami-Dade County and all of Monroe County.  It includes the southernmost tip of Florida, including the Florida Keys and  the southwest suburbs of Miami. Much of this district is the Everglades and  is close enough to sea level to be vulnerable to permanent flooding from  climate change. The area is also susceptible to tropical storms and  hurricanes. It is home to various endangered and protected species and  includes the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States.
  • Citizenry: only half of the district’s residents are U.S.-born citizens, and 66% speak  Spanish as their first language. Twenty-seven percent are naturalized  citizens born outside of the U.S., and 20% are non-citizen immigrants. The  district is mostly suburban, low- to middle-income, and Latino, with a sizable  African-American population in areas of Miami-Dade County. The vast  majority of Latinos in the district are of Cuban descent. Monroe County is  majority white, while Miami-Dade is majority Latino.
  • Learn more at FL-26

FL-27 Forthcoming

Critical State Races

  • Sister District MA/RI Team is focusing on the Florida State Legislature in 2020