Trump is gambling hard on holding Florida – and its 29 electoral votes. Flipping Florida and holding the states that usually vote Democratic is our most likely path to victory.

Fortunately, Florida is a lot more flippable than you may think. Races there are often decided by less than 1% of the voters. A tiny increase in turnout over 2016 is all it will take to paint the White House blue.

Three ways to increase Democratic turnout

  1. Host a postcard party!
    Swing Left Greater Boston makes it easier than ever to get Democrats to the polls. Use our new Party-in-a-Box kit to set up a party where you and your friends can write to registered Democrats who stayed home in 2018.
  2. Canvass now
    We’ve teamed up with the Sarasota County Democratic Party on a combined canvassing effort. The Sarasota Democrats will provide housing, train us, and team us up with activists who can share their local knowledge. Talk to us about canvassing in Florida!
  3. Snowbird program
    Planning a Florida vacation this winter? Sign up for the Swing Left Greater Boston snowbird program, and we’ll connect you with a local campaign near your vacation destination. They’ll train you and team you up with a local canvasser. You can stay warm, catch some rays, and change America!

It’s this close