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What’s at Stake: Florida’s 29 Electoral votes may decide the 2020 Presidential election, and there is also a big opportunity to break long-held Republican majorities in state government by flipping the Florida State House. With recent close elections, Florida Democrats are motivated to get out vote-by-mail (VBM) efforts, increase Democratic voter turnout, and turn Florida blue this year.
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There’s a huge opportunity to make an impact in Florida this year. Coming off two very close statewide elections, Florida Democrats know that with strong get-out-the-vote efforts through encouraging vote by mail (VBM), we can flip the state blue!

Vote by Mail (VBM) gives voters a safe way to cast their ballot without encountering closed polling locations or compromised voting machines. Our data-driven approach identifies, engages, and motivates Democratic Florida voters to request VBM applications—and then follows up to ensure they cast their votes.

Swing Blue Alliance, a program with Swing Left Greater Boston, works with volunteers to get VBM applications to Florida registered Democrats through two-part postcards with VBM applications and follow-up phone calls. Volunteer opportunities are available for English, Spanish, and Haitian-Creole speakers. To date, VBM ballots have been requested by approximately 43% of registered Democratic voters versus 31% of Republicans, with Democratic voter requests far outpacing Republican requests.


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Florida VBM and Voter Protection strategy briefing and updates

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Notes from a Florida Postcard Host to Volunteers—one Concord-based Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer shares why vote by mail is still a strong strategy.

Postcards on the Fate of the Nation—local psychiatrist Elissa Ely penned an op-ed for The Boston Globe on how postcarding can make an impact.

Watch the September 16 Florida Update with special guests.

Download the slides from the September 16th presentation

Review Swing Left Greater Boston’s research on VBM postcards

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