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Florida (and its 29 electoral votes) could swing the 2020 election. Democrats have very narrowly lost in the last two statewide elections, so a big effort in Florida in 2020 could be the clincher.

A changing electorate benefits Democrats if we register enough new voters. Strong voter outreach efforts among the Latinx community could help Democrats win Florida. With the passage of Amendment 4 (allowing people who are formerly incarcerated the right to vote), there is a newly-empowered voting bloc in the Sunshine State.

Our primary objectives in Florida are to: 1) win the state’s 29 Electoral College votes and 2) break unified Republican control of the state government by flipping the Florida State House.

In the state House, we are currently targeting 18 districts—14 GOP-held seats and four Democratic holds. Winning the majority requires targets across the Sunshine State, with four districts near Tampa/St. Petersburg, three in the Orlando area, and eight in South Florida and the Miami metro area.

In the state Senate, we are currently targeting two GOP-held seats that Democrats are poised to flip now that the Republican incumbents are term-limited out of office.

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Interested in voter registration? Check out Florida FAQ/voter registration links (includes hot spot directory and parades and public festivals)

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