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About Kentucky

Presidential Race

  • 8 electoral college votes
  • Rating: forthcoming
  • 2016 Election Margin: Trump +29.8%

Senate Race

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)


ky-02 district map kentucky 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • More information forthcoming. In the interim, please see the Ballotpedia and Wikipedia page.


KY-06 district map kentucky 2020


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • Population Centers: KY-06 ​is located in central Kentucky and contains the cities of Lexington (including its suburbs), Richmond and Frankfort, the state capital. Featuring rolling hills and fertile  soil, it is 72.59% urban, and 27.41% urban.
  • Citizenry: according to the last census, KY-06 is majority white (85.4%), 9.2% black and 4%  Hispanic and 1.3% black The median household income is roughly $50,000.  Unemployment is around 6%, compared to 3.9% nationally. Over 294,000 citizens are  on public assistance, in some form, and an additional 52,000 are uninsured. During  the last 12 months, 13.6% of families were below the poverty line. 87.2% of the  population have graduated from high school, and, 31.7% have college degrees.
  • Learn more at KY-06

Critical State Races

  • Governor’s race in 2019