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What’s at Stake: Maine will be a “tipping point” race for taking back control of the Senate. We’re looking to flip the U.S. Senate seat that’s currently held by Susan Collins and take the state’s four Electoral College votes
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Maine will be a “tipping point” race for taking back control of the Senate. As Congresswoman Katherine Clarke says: “All roads to the Senate lead through Maine, and all roads to Maine lead through Massachusetts.”  We need to oust Susan Collins and turn all of Maine’s electoral votes bright blue.

Swing Left helped Jared Golden flip the 2nd district congressional seat by just 3,000 votes in 2018; we want to do it again in 2020, this time with the Senate seat. Susan Collins is one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents seeking re-election in 2020.  Her favorability ratings have plummeted, but she is a skilled politician who has represented Maine in the Senate for 23 years. One third of Democrats in Maine have voted for Susan Collins at some point, and we need to put these voters back in the Dem column.  This race is shaping up to be extremely close and every single phone call, letter and fundraising dollar is critical!

Learn more about Swing Left’s Maine strategy here, or download it as a PDF.

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Dialing for democracy—one SLGB volunteer shares why we all need to phone bank:


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