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Action Paths (in progress)

Presidential Race

  • 16 electoral college votes
  • Rating:
    • Cook Political Report: Tossup
  • 2016 Election Margin: Trump +3%

Senate Race

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)


mi-06 district map 2020 michigan


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • More information forthcoming. In the interim, please see the Ballotpedia and Wikipedia page.


mi-08 district map 2020 michigan


  • Cook Political Report: Tossup
  • Population Centers: Lansing, 114,274; Rochester Hills, 71,737; East Lansing, 48,556; Independence Township, 34,681; Okemos, 21,369
  • Geography: MI-08 wraps around the outer suburbs of Detroit and extends west toward  Lansing, between the cities of Flint and Ann Arbor. Includes all of Ingham  County, Livingston County and northern Oakland County. The Grand River,  the largest river in Michigan, flows through downtown Lansing, and the Red  Cedar River, a tributary of the Grand, flows through the campus of Michigan  State University to its confluence with the Grand in Lansing. Lake Orion is a  medium-sized inland lake, with area of 506 acres. In Independence  Township, there is Pine Knob ski resort, with 17 runs, and know for it’s slope  called the Wall. The largest area lake, Lake Lansing, is located in Haslett and is approximately 500 acres.
  • Citizenry: The 2010 Census shows this district to be 83.7% white, 5.5% black, 3.8%  asian, 4.5% Hispanic, 0.4% Native American. Total population, as per the  2010 census, is 705,975.
  • Learn more at MI-08


MI-11 district map 2020 michigan


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Democrat
  • Population Centers: Canton, 90,000; Novi, 58,000; Livonia, 95,000; Waterford, 73,000; Troy, 81,000
  • Geography: MI-11 consists of the wealthy western and far northwestern suburbs of Detroit. The  F-shaped district excludes heavily Democratic Pontiac, but also meanders around to  encompass more Republican Farmington and Troy. Many of the population centers  started as bedroom communities, but today there are a large number of major  employers in the various cities. Birmingham, where Trott lives, is a thriving, wealthy,  small city with a cute downtown.
  • Citizenry: the district is 80% white and 10% Asian, with significant immigrant populations from  India and Japan, particularly in Novi, which sits in the northwest corner of the district.  Hispanics make up 4% and African-Americans 6%. Many residents are white-collar  professionals tied to the automotive industry. The unemployment rate is 4.2% and  the median income is $77,000.
  • Learn more at MI-08

Critical State Races

  • Michigan State Legislature in 2020