2020 North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina has been called the purplest state in the nation. This year it may have more important elections in play than any other state, up and down the ballot. Join us to flip NC blue!
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The number of important competitive races in the state makes North Carolina stand out even in a year like 2020, when so much is at stake. We are working towards three major victories in NC: winning the presidency, flipping the senate, and ending Republican gerrymandering.

North Carolina has been called the purplest state in the nation. Since Obama narrowly won the state in 2008, each presidential race has been decided by a margin of only a few percentage points. Recent polls show Biden/Harris with a razor-thin lead. Our voter contact can ensure that Joe Biden wins North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes, which would make it nearly impossible for Trump to be re-elected.

Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate

The path to a Democratic US Senate majority goes through North Carolina. Republican incumbent Thom Tillis (a loyal vote for Donald Trump)  is one of the most vulnerable and disliked senators in the nation. The Democratic nominee, Cal Cunningham, is an army veteran and former state senator. Polls show this race in a statistical tie.

Dr. Frances Jackson for House District 45

Kimberly Hardy for House District 43

In 2010, Republicans took control of the North Carolina state legislature and began actively working to undermine fair elections in the state. They cut early voting, implemented a strict voter ID law to suppress minority votes, and passed some of the most egregiously gerrymandered districts anywhere in the country. For years these gerrymandered maps allowed Republicans to dominate elections even when they lost the popular vote. Last year the North Carolina State Supreme Court struck down the Republican maps, and under the new district lines, Democrats have a chance to finally stop the NC GOP’s assault.  And NC will pick up a Congressional seat in 2022, adding to the stakes. An exciting slate of mostly women candidates for State House and Senate are bringing new voters out all across the state!

Kirk Deviere for Senate District 19

Donna Lake for Senate District 7

Emily Bunch Nicholson for House District 1

Tess Judge for Senate District 1

Races in North Carolina are often won by very few votes.  So, every postcard you write, every phone call you make, can have a real impact on the election’s outcome. Join us today and we can flip North Carolina blue!