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Presidential Race

  • 18 electoral college votes
  • Rating:
    • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • 2016 Election Margin: Trump +8.6%

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)


OH-01 district map 2020 ohio


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Republican
  • Population Centers: Cincinnati, 301,301 (partial); Mason, 30,700
  • Geography: OH-01 covers the west side of Cincinnati. It includes Hamilton County, which borders  on Kentucky and Indiana, and Warren County, which is farther north of the city.
  • Citizenry: OH-1 has approximately 740,000 people living in the district. The majority (92.5%) live  in urban areas while 7.5% live in rural parts of the district. Approximately 70% of the  population is white, 22% is black; 4% is Asian; 3% is Hispanic or Latino and less than  1% is Native American. The median income in is $55,712. Unemployment in the  district is around 3.5%. More than 90% of the adult population of OH-1 has a high  school diploma or higher. More than 33% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Learn more at OH-01


oh-12 district map 2020 ohio


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • Population Centers: Newark 49,423; Dublin 47,619; Mansfield 46,160; Zanesville 25,388
  • Geography: OH-12 extends North and East from Columbus, the state Capital. It includes  substantial parts of Columbus’ suburbs but this large district extends out into more  rural counties as well. It consists of parts of Franklin, Marion, Muskingum, and  Richland Counties and all of Delaware Morrow, and Licking Counties.
  • Citizenry: OH-12 has a population of 781,000, of which a little more than half (50.4%) are  females and just less than half (49.6%) are male. The majority of the population is  white (87%), while African Americans and Asians each make up a little less than 5% of  the district. According to the latest annual census data, the district’s unemployment  rate was an extremely low 3.1%, and the median household income was an  above-average $71,853, presumably driven by the high-income Columbus suburbs.
  • Learn more at OH-12

Critical State Races

  • Sister District MA/RI Team is focusing on the Ohio State Legislature in 2020