2020 Pennsylvania


What's at stake: Pennsylvania is a critical Super State. We can win 20 crucial electoral votes for Joe Biden, and by flipping the legislature, solidify Democratic gains for years to come.
Take Action for Pennsylvania


Trump won Pennsylvania by 0.7% of the vote, that’s only 44,000 votes. From 1988 to 2016, Pennsylvania was a consistently blue state. We can flip it back and win a critical 20 electoral votes for Joe Biden to retake the White House!

Pennsylvania is also one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation. By retaking the statehouse from Republican control we can ensure that fair districts are drawn and crucial democratic policies are implemented. Take action now by writing letters encouraging people to vote or phonebanking for key state legislative races!

Our primary objectives in Pennsylvania are to:

  1. Win the state’s 20 Electoral College votes
  2. Break Republican control of the state legislature by flipping one or both chambers.

In the state Senate, we are currently targeting five districts—four GOP-held seats and one Democratic hold. With only half of the chamber up for election in 2020, our Senate targets are scattered across the state, including Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Erie, and the Philadelphia suburbs.

In the state House, we are currently targeting 16 districts—13 GOP-held seats and three Democratic holds. Eleven seats are located in Southeast Pennsylvania, close to the Philadelphia metro area and surrounding regions. The remaining five targets are located near Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and the Pittsburgh suburbs.

Learn more https://swingleft.org/p/pennsylvania

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    • First Monday of the month at 5:30 pm. RSVP
    • Followed by the New England for PA Leaders call at 6:30 pm. RSVP
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  • View the video that a Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer created for the Claudette Williams campaign (PA-175)
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Other Resources

  • Join Sister organization MA Flip PA. Lead organizers Bob S. and Ann E. organize Boston-area phone banks and letter writing events, and in-state events around the Lehigh Valley.