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About Virginia

Presidential Race

  • 9 electoral college votes
  • Rating:
    • Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat
  • 2016 Election Margin: Clinton +4.9%

Senate Race

House Races (source: 2018 Swing Left District Resources)


va-02 district map 2020 virginia


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Democratic
  • Population Centers: Virginia Beach, 442K; Norfolk (partial), 244K; Newport News (partial), 181K; Hampton (partial), 137K
  • Geography: VA-02 encompasses all of Virginia Beach and parts of Norfolk, Newport News, and  Hampton. It also covers the Williamsburg and Jamestown areas and the Eastern  Shore counties of Accomack and Northampton, including the town of Chincoteague. Wylie.
  • Citizenry: the district is 68 percent White, 20 percent African American, and 5 percent Asian  American. Just under 8 percent of district residents are of Hispanic or Latino heritage  of any race. The population is relatively young — the median age is 35, compared  with 38 for the nation as a whole. The foreign-born share of the population is 8  percent, compared to 13 percent nationally. 17 percent of civilian residents 18 or  older are military veterans, more than twice the national average of 8 percent.
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va-05 district map 2020 virginia


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Republican
  • Population Centers: Charlottesville: 46,597; Danville: 42,082
  • Geography: VA-05 stretches vertically from the north of the state down to Virginia’s  southern border. Its western border runs through the Shenandoah  mountains and parallels I-81 south before it cuts inward to exclude  Lynchburg. The only cities with populations over 10,000 in VA-05 are  Charlottesville, in the middle of the district, and Danville, on Virginia’s  southern border.
  • Demographics: the district is 75% White, 20% African American, and 2% Asian American. 3%  of residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin. 28% have a bachelor’s degree or  higher, compared to 36% statewide. Median household income is $52,237,  below the statewide median of $65,015.
  • Learn more at VA-05


va-07 district map 2020 virginia


  • Cook Political Report: Lean Democratic
  • Population Centers: Chesterfield County (p), 339,009; Henrico County (p), 326,501; Spotsylvania County (p), 160,307
  • Geography: VA-07 runs north-south down central Virginia. It includes all of Orange, Culpeper,  Goochland, Louisa, Nottoway, Amelia, and Powhatan counties, which together  comprise about 26% of the district’s population, and portions of Chesterfield,  Henrico, and Spotsylvania counties which comprise about 74% of the population. It’s  situated between the Shenandoah National Park and Charlottesville to the west and  Fredericksburg and Richmond to the east. The Washington DC metro area is to the  northeast. Only 9% of the land is urban and the remaining 91% is rural.
  • Demographics: VA-07 has about 775,000 residents of which 71.3% are white, 18.7% African American,  5.2% Asian, and 7.3% Hispanic (any race). The median age for the district is 39 and  median income is about $71,000 with the lowest average in Nottoway County  ($37,000) and the highest in Goochland County ($82,000). About 86% of district  residents earn more than $25,000/year. The unemployment rate is about 3.9% (2017).  About 8.4% of VA-07 falls below the poverty level with the highest rates (21.3%) in  Nottoway County. Of those in poverty, 61% are white, 27% are African American; 16%  are Hispanics (any race). About 10% of the district’s population is foreign born. 51.4%  are women and 48.6% are men. Approximately 10% of the population are veterans.
  • Learn more at VA-07


va-10 district map 2020 virginia


  • Cook Political Report: Likely Democratic
  • Population Centers: McLean (partial), 48,426; Ashburn, 46,097; Leesburg, 44,612; Manassas, 39,317; Sterling, 27,013; Winchester, 26,587
  • Geography: the 10th district is a sprawling congressional district in Northern Virginia. It  is suburban in the northeast, closer to D.C., and becomes increasingly rural  as it moves west toward the mountains. The district includes all of Clarke,  Frederick, and Loudoun Counties as well as portions of Fairfax and Prince  William Counties. It also includes the independent cities of Manassas,  Manassas Park, and Winchester.
  • Citizenry: the district is 74% white, with a growing non-white population in the  northeast. It is affluent, with a median income of around $110,000. The  northeast portion of the district is suburban, affluent, and tends to vote  blue. The northeast is rapidly growing, driven by expanding defense and  intelligence spending, and related growth of technology and services. The  remainder of the district is more rural, less ethnically diverse, and  traditionally conservative.
  • Economics: District 10, especially its eastern portions, has become significantly more  affluent over the last few decades. The areas closest to D.C. have seen  property values and average incomes skyrocket, while the western end of  the district has seen large increases in population density and average income.
  • Economics: Unemployment in the district is low, at 3.1% (compared with 3.8% in Virginia  and 4.5% in the United States). The CIA headquarters and Dulles Airport are  located within the district. A large portion of constituents work for local  school departments and for the federal government or government  contractors. Agriculture is still a large employer in rural Clarke and Frederick  counties.
  • Learn more at VA-10

Critical State Races

  • Sister District MA/RI Team is focusing on the Virginia State Legislature in 2019