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Michigan GOTV Voter Calls with Rust Belt Rising/8 Million Voter Project

Posted on August 26, 2020


Phase 1 virtual voter registration with StateWide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) and Rust Belt Rising is complete! Together we made 250,000 phone calls to unregistered Michigan and Wisconsin voters, plus 163,000 text messages to follow up on the voter registration forms. We will post the results here (after Rust Belt Rising has the data).

After multiple call-passes to the virtual voter registration lists, phase 2 will focus on new call lists, helping Michiganders get ready to vote.

As we approach the last critical days, let’s keep our foot down on the pedal and elect outstanding leaders up and down the ballot, including the Michigan State House! Get out the vote (GOTV) for these candidates means votes all the way up the ticket, including Congressional seats and Presidential race.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before! Rust Belt Rising provides training, phone script, and a list of voters to call. Organizers will be online via a Zoom video call, and are available to answer questions during the shift.

You’ll just need a charged phone, and a laptop, computer, or tablet to make calls.

Michigan has 7.7 million voters. Let’s make it 8 million!

  • You Must *Sign Up for Specific Shifts with Rust Belt Rising Here*
  • RBR will send the Zoom call link and pre-call information.
  • Shifts available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,and Sunday through 10/31
  • Saturday and Sunday sessions have an autodialer (ThruTalk)
    • New to ThruTalk? Check out the How to Make Calls in ThruTalk video, and ThruTalk training slides here
    • Don’t worry, Rust Belt Rising will go over everything you need to know!