A remarkable turnout for Postcards to Florida

 In Action

There was a remarkable turnout for today’s postcards to Florida – 24 volunteers on this beautiful summer day. 
There were volunteers from Wayland, Sudbury, Lexington, Wellesley, Concord and Natick. Eleven of the 22 attendees were Wayland Dems. We addressed and wrote messages to encourage voting to more than 200 voters in precinct 219 in Sarasota County. An enormous thank you to all. 

But, this was just a warm up. We will continue to link our efforts to Sarasota County and now there is a challenger, Margaret Good,  to the incumbent Republican congressional rep, Verne Buchanan, to further energize our commitment. Margaret’s top message will be environment related. 
Best wishes to all and hope you are keeping cool, 

Joan and Betty and Jean (who hosted our meeting in her spacious and cool home)