Michigan State House Candidate Angela Witwer (MI HD-71)

Michigan State House Candidate Angela Witwer (MI HD-71)

Posted on Sep. 25, 2020

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About Angela (Incumbent/Hold)

Small business owner. Community leader. First-term State House representative.

Angela has been a member of Delta Township for almost 50 years and is a successful small business owner, former healthcare leader, elected school board member, grandmother, and a proud daughter of Michigan farmers. She was born in a farming village of Buckley (outside of Traverse City) and is a graduate of Northwood University.

In 2018, Angela ran for the Michigan State House, so she could make real improvements in the lives of Michiganders living in Eaton Country. She was elected, and continues to fight for the community in the Michigan House of Representatives. This is a critical hold: Angela won her seat by less than 700 votes in 2018.

Angela’s three issues:

  • Fight for a Fair Tax System: Angela believes we need a tax system that works for all of us, not just those with the most influence. She introduced legislation to increase the EITC to its original level and let families write-off donations to food pantries and homeless shelters.
  • True Support for Local Agriculture: Angela sits on the Agriculture Committee and believes Michigan must continue to protect our family farms and help them prosper.
  • Improve Education in Eaton: Angela has worked to guarantee that every child has full access to quality education and is equipped for success for all their future pursuits.


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Why the Michigan State House?

Flip a Michigan State House seat, and maximize your impact up and down the ballot! Plus a blue Michigan State House means overturning gerrymandering in Michigan, addressing environmental issues and groundwater contamination, and increasing funding for Michigan schools, healthcare, and infrastructure—as well as many other important issues.

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