April 11 Newsletter

April 11 Newsletter

Posted on Apr. 11, 2020

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Senator Elizabeth Warren announces launch of Together for 2020
Senator Elizabeth Warren announces the launch of Together for 2020
Activists Spur Collaboration
with Together for 2020
Be part of the launch of an exciting new collaboration between Swing Left Greater Boston and activists from other groups across the state that are working to defeat Trump and win in 2020.

Join us on April 14 @ 4:45 pm to
hear Elizabeth Warren discuss the connections
among Covid-19, the economy, and the election.
Then learn about Together for 2020.

RSVP for the Zoom call here.

How many electoral votes “I Didn’t Vote” got in 2016
How many electoral votes “I Didn’t Vote” got in 2016
Our Goal for 2020:
Get Democrats to Vote
Could a Conservative convince you to vote for Trump? Not very likely. In the same way, arguing with Trump supporters won’t help Dems win this election.

Our best bet is to find a way to reach every potential voter who doesn’t support Trump and make sure they vote.

Are there that many people that don’t vote? You betcha. The map above shows you how many electoral votes “I Didn’t Vote” got in 2016. That’s a lot of people who felt their vote didn’t matter, didn’t know how to vote, or were prevented from voting by Republican-led voter suppression. Every one of those grey states is up for grabs.

Get people on the voting rolls
Here are some upcoming voter registration events:

Register to vote by mail
It’s time to call or write so Dems will vote by mail
The Potential of Vote by Mail
Covid-19 has one silver lining
Election officials in both parties are looking for the funds necessary to support vote by mail before November. (Of course, Trump and his Republicans oppose the use of mail-in ballots, no surprise.)

How does vote by mail affect voting?
In Pennsylvania, in 2016, the turnout for people who voted by mail was 24% higher than other voters. In 2018, the vote by mail turnout went up to 33% higher. According to Swing Left research, infrequent Democratic voters in Florida who register to vote by mail have a 60% greater likelihood of voting

That’s key: Vote by mail increases voting among specific populations that would likely vote Democrat: young, low-propensity, marginal, disabled, and turned-off voters. It also goes without saying that vote by mail is the perfect antidote to voter suppression tactics, including the reduction of polling locations, long lines, voter ID challenges, and harassment.

Join any of the vote by mail events listed here.

Pennsylvania Spirit
Wash that Trump video - scroll down and sing along
In this time of isolation and worry, Pennsylvania Democrats are taking a few minutes to share the joy of imagining a Trump-less country. Scroll down and sing along!

Click the link, scroll down, and enjoy the video.

Join a Pennsylvania event.

Forward the video and information on available voter/election services to anyone you know in Pennsylvania.

Election Day in Wisconsin
Democrats in Wisconsin waiting to vote despite Covid-19
Democrats in Wisconsin waiting to vote on April 7 despite Covid-19
Whatever the outcome in the Wisconsin elections, we know the results are compromised. Voters who requested absentee ballots didn’t receive them. Absentee ballots require a witness, and Covid-19 made that difficult. Milwaukee cut its polling places from 180 to 5 for 296,653 registered voters.

Fighting back
Activists did their best to counteract voter suppression in Wisconsin. Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer Jeff texted 1,337 Democrat voters, resulting in 146 text dialogs, including these:
  • About 25 texters never got their absentee ballots; reports on the number of MIA ballots range from less than 1% to 20%.
  • Four other texters found they’d been incorrectly convinced (one by a municipal clerk’s staffer) that the deadline had been extended; they went to vote in person.
  • Twelve got help finding their drop-off or polling places, some of which had changed very late in the primary.
  • One legal voter mailed in a ballot that met all standards. Later, Republican courts changed the rules, invalidating his vote. He was planning to go to his polling place and have a showdown about it.

The fight continues. Here are some upcoming events.

Greater Andover Indivisible Blue Power Hours
Read the full article on the Swing Left website
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