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In 2018 we started organizing early and spent nearly two years doing the work—and that planning and hard work paid off!

That’s why we’re getting an early start on 2020. Join us at a house party between February 2-16 and learn how you can make a difference in 2020.

RSVP for a MA house party:

    • Amherst, MA (Dyan’s 2020 Kickoff Swing Left House Party) 2/9  10:30 am
    • Belmont, MA (Joyce’s 2020 Kickoff Swing Left House Party) 2/10 3 pm
    • Brookline, MA (Sandra & Susan’s Kickoff House Party) 2/3 12 pm (closed: reached attendance limit)
    • Brookline, MA (Nancy and Sandy’s Kickoff House Party) 2/16 3 pm (closed: reached attendance limit)
    • Cambridge, MA (Activist Afternoons in Central Square) 2/3 4 pm
    • Jamaica Plain, MA (Steve’s Trip to Flip 2020 House Party) 2/3 2pm
    • Newton, MA (Force Multiplier/Swing Left 2020 Kickoff at Steve K’s House) 2/2 2:30 pm (closed: reached attendance limit but there is space at the nearby Wellesley, MA party)
    • Roslindale, MA (Rozzi-JP 2020 Kickoff House Party at Beth G’s House) 2/10 4 pm
    • Somerville, MA (Janet’s GOTV Holiday Blues Go Red!) 2/2 2 pm (closed: reached attendance limit)
    • Swampscott, MA (Alix’s Northshore Kickoff House Party) 2/2 4 pm
    • Wellesley, MA (Lisa’s House Party at the home of Ric and Sharon) 2/2 2:30 pm
    • Wilmington, MA (Rachel’s House Party) 2/2 1 pm
    • Winthrop, MA (Kim’s Beach House Party) 2/10 11 am

RSVP for a RI or VT house party:

Outside upper New England? Find a house party near you.

Hosting a party and need more information, flyers, or sign in sheets? Check out the host a 2020 kickoff house party page.

Want to host a Kickoff 2020 house party? Learn more.