In Action
Registering Dems at Portland Pride
Must watch video of the day!

Swing Left Greater Boston, Left Field and Swing Left Maine had a field day at the Portland Pride parade registering Democrats. Here’s what Jason Berlin from Field Team 6 had to say about it:

¡¡¡NEW RECORD!!! 251 progressive voters registered in ONE FLIPPIN’ DAY. This Saturday in Maine, the Portland Pride event was the Burning Man of voter registration.

Field Team 6’s New England Chapter – made up of the incredible Swing Left Greater Boston, Swing Left Maine, and Left Field – teamed up for our #1 biggest voter registration drive EVER. I was getting carpal tunnel from registering Democrats. My wife Apryl, on her first day ever, registered 19!!

We must register Democrats at every pride event ever, in every swing state.

GIGANTIC props to Susan Labandibar and Berl Hartman, powerhouses of Swing Left Greater Boston, for spearheading this event. THANK YOU TIMES ONE MILLION!!! 

Join us at Lewiston Pride – June 29th