Texting to GA Non-Urban YOUNG Voters – GOTV! Hosted by Rina from Metro Boston, MA


Looking for Resistance Labs Texters! Left of Center and Together For 2020 are collaborating with https://cleanprosperousamerica.org and Resistance Labs to text young non-urban voters in GA. We already did Vote Registration and VoteByMail rounds already. This round is currently scheduled for Dec. 16, after early voting starts, and is a GOTV texting. We are looking […]

Postcards: DeKalb (GA) County Postcards! Pick up Postcards from Alix in Swampscott, MA

Swampscott, MA Swampscott

Please sign up to help us get out the vote in Dekalb County!!!! The DeKalb County Democrats have asked us to write to inconsistent voters who DID vote on November 3 to thank them and to make sure they vote AGAIN in the runoffs on January 5. These packets are of 25 postcards, require little […]

Postcards: Flip the US Senate with POSTCARDS to Georgia voters! Pick up Postcards from Andrew in Somverville, MA

Somerville, MA Somerville

WRITE POSTCARDS - not long letters - to Democratic leaning voters for the Senate runoff. Boosting turnout will be critical to winning these elections.  We have sent out over 550,000 absentee ballot requests to over 395,000 households.   We have already gotten over 71,000 Georgian voters that didn't vote on Nov. 3 to sign up […]

Phone Bank: Georgia Runoff Race for U.S. Senate! Hosted by Flip the West


Flip the West is hosting virtual phone banks in support of the two Democratic challengers for U.S. Senate in the Georgia runoff. Democrat Jon Ossoff is facing incumbent Republican David Perdue, and Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock is facing incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler. This race will determine whether the Dems or Mitch McConnell control the U.S. Senate […]

Phone Bank through Georgia Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign! Hosted by Western MA Take Back our Democracy


What:  Join the Western MA Take Back our Democracy weekly phone bank to make calls to Georgia voters on behalf of both the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns.  This phone bank is run in coordination with the Georgia Democratic Party, so these are partisan calls to likely Democratic voters to determine/confirm support, help create early voting […]

Phone Bank: Whose Senate? Our Senate! Vote By Mail Ballot Application Chase: Forsyth County GA. Hosted by Nimat in Marblehead

Marblehead, MA Marblehead

We're working with the Forsyth County Democrats calling low propensity likely Democratic voters to fill out the application for an absentee ballot (Georgia's Vote By Mail) we mailed them. Swing Left Greater Boston has partnering with Georgia Democrats, and we have sent these letters to hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters already! We know that […]