Postcards: Flip the US Senate with POSTCARDS to Georgia voters! Pick up Postcards from Andrew in Somerville, MA

Somerville, MA Somerville

WRITE POSTCARDS - not long letters - to Democratic leaning voters for the Senate runoff. Boosting turnout will be critical to winning these elections.  We have sent out over 550,000 absentee ballot requests to over 395,000 households.   We have already gotten over 71,000 Georgian voters that didn't vote on Nov. 3 to sign up […]

Virtual Happy Hour: Friday 411! Hosted by Indivisible Acton-Area


Hope you can join us for this happy hour info session. BYO Beverage + BYO Project (optional). This is a relaxed informal opportunity to socialize, work together, share information, enjoy a beverage, and have fun. PLEASE SIGN UP HERE FOR THE EVENT

Write Postcards to GA Voters! Pick up Postcards from Reena in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA Cambridge

Send postcards to Georgia's Democratic leaning voters to boost early voting for the Senate Runoff. Boosting turnout will be critical to winning these elections. Sign up for this event to get the porch pickup location in North Cambridge for your packet of 25 postcards and stamps. Each packet comes with instructions for requesting addresses online at […]