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LINCOLN, RI – Florida Vote By Mail Postcard Party

Justin's house 11 Sunview St, Lincoln

In Florida, vital elections are decided by razor-thin margins. In 2018, incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson lost his reelection bid, an election of national significance, by only 10,000 votes with over eight million votes cast. Democratic voters in Florida turn out at a lower rate than their Republican counterparts; if Democrats turned out at the […]

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI – Swing Left Reclaim Our Vote Postcard Party – RESCHEDULED

55 Cherry Lane 55 Cherry Lane, South Kingstown

Voter purging and other forms of voter suppression are taking away the civil rights of people of color who are being put on “inactive” or “unregistered” lists at a 16% higher rate than other voters. Reclaim Our Vote* to contact people of color in swing states and urge them to check their registration status, re-register […]