Michigan State House Candidate Christine Morse (MI HD-61)

Michigan State House Candidate Christine Morse (MI HD-61)

Posted on Sep. 11, 2020


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  • Don’t worry if you have not done this before! The campaign has a training before each virtual phone bank, and goes over the script and talking points.
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About Christine

Every family deserves the opportunity to thrive. Christine fights for what matters, and stands up for her community.

Christine Morse is a mother, county commissioner, spouse of a Navy Veteran, former attorney, and cancer survivor. She’s battled student debt, multiple cross-country moves, and a breast cancer diagnosis—all while raising a family. She knows that the opportunity to be successful—and even just being safe and healthy—is getting harder and harder to come by.

When Christine was elected Kalamazoo County Commissioner in 2018, she tackled problems head on, working cooperatively with a bipartisan county board, and made sure to solve the underlying problems before they spiraled into larger economic and public health concerns.

Christine’s top three issues are education, jobs, and the environment.


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Why the Michigan State House?

Flip a Michigan State House seat, and maximize your impact up and down the ballot! Plus a blue Michigan State House means overturning gerrymandering in Michigan, addressing environmental issues and groundwater contamination, and increasing funding for Michigan schools, healthcare, and infrastructure—as well as many other important issues.

  • Watch this short video about the importance of flipping the Michigan State House
  • Watch this short video about Super State Michigan
  • Learn more about 2020 Michigan here
  • Learn more about dialing Michigan here