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About Dan

Dan McCready is a Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, husband, and father of four. After serving in the Marines, graduating from Harvard Business School, and working at McKinsey & Company, he started a small business in Charlotte with another Marine, and helped build dozens of solar farms throughout North Carolina. That put 700 North Carolinians to work in good-paying jobs. Learn more about Dan.


Dan lost his bid for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional seat by just 900 votes, but it turns out that his opponent cheated. In March, the North Carolina Board of Elections called for a new election. Join us and be part of a historic event for North Carolina and the nation!

In this very special election we are standing with Dan McCready and the people of NC-09. They will not be robbed of their right to participate in our democracy and have their voices heard. This will not be an easy fight, but if we all pull together, we can help Dan win this seat.

The election will be 9/10/2019.

Dan’s special election campaign will start canvassing efforts 4/27 from their new campaign headquarters (5950 Fairview Rd., Charlotte,NC 28210, in the North Point neighborhood).

Most of Dan’s prospective voters in Charlotte are already registered, so canvassing will focus on persuading registered Democrats to get out and vote, and motivating independent voters to vote for Dan.

The campaign will add a Matthews, NC campaign office in the near future. There will be more focus in Matthews on registering prospective McCready voter in Matthews, since there is a higher percentage of unregistered voters.

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