Fundraising is one of the most important—and strategic!— things we can do to help Democrats take back the *all* the Houses in 2020. Swing Left is bringing our “campaigns-in-waiting” model to swing Senate seats, the House, state-level races, and, of course, the Presidency.

With the campaign in waiting model, Swing Left stays neutral until the primaries.

After the primaries, candidates are usually low on cash. And that’s when Republican-aligned dark money groups start hammering our candidates with negative ads, hoping to define them before they even start their general election campaigns.

We want to make sure our candidates hit the ground running in the general election, and don’t get outspent by their Republican opponents all the way through to Election Day.

Republicans are already building up their war chest. We can’t afford to wait. Donate today!

Unify or Die

Let’s take back the White House!

This will be the most important Democratic primary in our lifetime. It’s up to every single one of us to work together to accomplish our greatest mission: taking back our country.

One hundred percent of your donation to the Unify or Die Fund will go to the eventual Democratic nominee for President, exactly when they need it most: right after the convention in July 2020, as they enter the general election.

Voter Registration Fund

Register Super State voters to unseat Trump. Mueller isn’t going to get rid of Trump. We are, by beating him in 2020. To do that, we need to register thousands of new people to vote in 11 Super States — where votes will have the biggest impact.

Swing Left Senate Funds

In 2020, we’re going to take back the Senate—and all the Houses.

We only need to flip four seats to win the Senate majority, and the following states are the most competitive races on the map. One hundred percent of your donation will be given to the eventual Democratic nominees running in 2020.

Swing Left Senate Fund: One Fund, Eight States

The Swing Left Senate Fund is split between the Democratic nominees in eight Republican-held states where Swing Left believes early money will have the biggest impact: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina,

Donate the Swing the Senate Left fund, or donate to an individual fund!

Arizona Senate Fund

Colorado Senate Fund

George Senate Fund

Iowa Senate Fund

Kentucky Senate Fund

Maine Senate Fund

North Carolina Senate Fund

Texas Senate Fund

ME-02 Fund

In the November 2018 midterms, Democratic incumbent Jared Golden won ME-02 by just 1.2%. That’s too close! Republicans are already targeting this district, raising money and recruiting potential challengers for 2020.

Maine Super State Fund

Make one donation to the Maine Super State Fund, and help win the White House, the Maine Senate race, and ME-02, all at the same time!