Want to fight Republicans?  Donating to one of the Swing Left campaign funds is one of the most important and strategic things we can do to help Democrats take back the *all* the Houses in 2020.

100% of the money you contribute to any of the Swing Left campaign funds is held “in waiting” until just after the primaries.

After the primaries, Swing Left will send all of the money in these funds to the Democratic candidate, just when they need it most.

Unify or Die

Let’s take back the White House! Donate to the Swing Left Greater Boston Unify or Die fund.

This will be the most important Democratic primary in our lifetime. It’s up to every single one of us to work together to accomplish our greatest mission: taking back our country.

One hundred percent of your donation to the Unify or Die Fund will go to the eventual Democratic nominee for President, exactly when they need it most: right after the convention in July 2020, as they enter the general election.

Swing Left Senate Funds

In 2020, we’re going to take back the Senate—and all the Houses.

We only need to flip four seats to win the Senate majority, and the following states are the most competitive races on the map. One hundred percent of your donation will be given to the eventual Democratic nominees running in 2020.

Swing Left Senate Early Impact Fund

One Fund, Eight States

The Swing Left Early Impact Senate Fund is split between the Democratic nominees in eight Republican-held states where Swing Left believes early money will have the biggest impact: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, and Texas.

Individual Super State and Senate Funds

Learn more about Swing Left’s 2020 Super State strategy here.







  • Swing Left Boston Swings Maine Left in 2020!
  • #DefeatCollins | Defeat Susan Collins in 2020
  • Maine Action Coordinator
    • Swing Left Greater Boston is raising money to bring on an organizer who can spearhead New England-wide efforts to flip the US Senate seat by defeating Susan Collins, hold CD 02’s congressional seat, and to flip the remaining electoral vote blue.  To contribute to a fund created specially for this position, click here.


North Carolina