In Action
Scene from Capturing the Flag, a film about voter suppression in North Carolina during the 2016 elections

Early voting starts next week for an epic election redo in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, where Democrat Dan McCready is duking it out with Dan “Bathroom Bill” Bishop.

Both Democrats and Republicans are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this special election. A Democratic win could further dim GOP hopes of taking back the House in 2020, leading to more incumbent retirements. If the Republicans prevail, it could give the GOP momentum toward retaking dozens of House districts on Trump turf currently held by Democrats.

With early voting around the corner, the McCready campaign is ready to drive likely Democratic voters to early voting sites (different from polling locations!)  While the early voting period runs from 8/21-9/6, weekend voting at most locations is limited to just a few hours on the first weekend. It’s likely that there will be long lines at these voting locations, making it difficult for people who cannot take off time from work to vote.

Here’s what you can do help Dan get the votes he needs to win this election:

  1. Support independent efforts to turn out the vote. Donate here.
  2. Write letters to Democratic voters in NC-09. Find your event here.
  3. Host an NC-09 letter-writing event: Get started here.
  4. Pledge to write 20 letters from home.  Get started here.
  5. Make phone calls from home: Get started here.
  6. August 23-25 – First canvassing trip: Knock doors in Waxhaw County
  7. September 5-10 – Second canvassing trip: Knock doors in Waxhaw County

McCready’s campaign has received steady support from Massachusetts donors and volunteers since he began running for this seat in 2017.  We’re kicking it into high gear. It’s time for Democrats to win this thing!