Flipping PA While Staying Safe – April 1st Update

Flipping PA While Staying Safe – April 1st Update

Posted on Apr. 01, 2020

Thanks to the close to 20 activists who joined us for our virtual huddle March 27th  and gave us feedback on the best ways to win Pennsylvania in November. We’re now active in Cambridge, Andover, Boxford, Swampscott, Needham, Lexington and Weston. Your safety is our first priority, and we’re working to provide a range of options to meet everyone’s comfort level.

We will continue our “virtual” events in which volunteers pick up postcards or letters from a host, for completion and mailing from each volunteer’s home. (Swing Left has asked us not to promote, under their name, any events that involve any travel outside of the house. As a result, you will see our events involving physical pickup of letters or postcards under the name “Together for 2020,” an umbrella organization of which Swing Left is a member.)

Our next such events are:

April 4th in Cambridge: https://www.mobilize.us/togetherfor2020/event/265362/

April 5th in Boxford: https://www.mobilize.us/togetherfor2020/event/265330/

For those who are not comfortable or unable to leave home, we have three phone banks open through April 12 to drive name recognition for Democratic legislative candidates and encourage voters to vote by mail:  

State House District 131, candidate Kevin Branco. Phone bank link:  https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/9D00C3F-914411

State House District 138, candidate Tara Zrinski, phone bank link: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/5E00C3A-490109

State House District 183, candidate Jason Ruff. Phone bank link: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/9E00C3E-498024

You can also print and complete get out the vote letters from your own home, at any time, from the Vote Forward web site. You will save these letters for mailing in the final get out the vote push in late October. 

To avoid the need to handle money and checks, we are asking you to help defray the costs (approximately $10 per packet of 20 letters or postcards) Ann and I incur in printing and distributing material You can pay Bob Scheier via PayPal at paypal.me/FLIPPA2020 or via Venmo at Bob Scheier or 508 725-7258. If you’d like to use another payment app let us know.  You can also order postcard stamps through the U.S. Postal Service here

Our move to this new virtual world is a work in progress, and we encourage your feedback and to ask for training in any of these areas if you need it. Thanks for all you do!

Ann Eldridge and Bob Scheier