Ready to help flip our country’s largest swing state? Host a postcards-to-go event. Invite volunteers to pick up postcards and address them to Florida Democrats, telling them how to request a Vote By Mail ballot. A request form is even included on the postcard!

1. Fill out the Florida Vote by Mail postcards-to-go event request form

To get started, please fill out the Florida Vote by Mail postcards-to-go request form. If you have questions before filling out the form, please contact Richard or Julia at

2. Decide on a date, time, and location for your postcard pickup event

Packet Delivery:

You can distribute your packets at a specified location, deliver them, or have people pick them up on your porch.

Porchside pickups must include health precaution instructions and hand sanitizer.

Events that require participants to leave their homes, including porchside pickups will be listed on the website but will not be listed on the website.

Review the Swing Left Greater Boston Covid-19 advisory for hosting a postcard event.

3. Input your event information.

Fill out the Host a Florida Vote by Mail Postcard To-Go event to create a signup page for your postcard distribution event. You can add an additional field for attendees to request more than one packet.  If you do not want the event to be promoted by Swing Left Greater Boston and Together for 2020, please mark the event as private. For help, please see the SLGB Mobilize guide.

4. Send invitations by email to anyone you know who wants to make a difference!

Send out your invitations by email. Here’s a sample text to get you started.

You can find the RSVP link by going to your Event Dashboard at Click the name of your event to get to the Event Detail page. The RSVP link is near the top, where it says Link. Just paste the whole link into your invitation.

5. Request postcards and an address list at least 2 weeks in advance.

Email your request to Richard and Julia at preferably at least 2 weeks in advance of packet distribution. You will need 30 postcards per person.

6. Order required supplementary materials
  • Purchase 60 round sealing labels per packet - please use these specific labels. If the labels aren't available, let your guests know that tape is OK.
  • Purchase 60 $0.35 stamps per packet. You can purchase stamps online here
  • Purchase 1 paper bag per packet (4 ⅞ x 3 x 10 inches) or 1 manila clasp envelope per packet (9 x 12 inches)
7. Gather and print the event materials for your postcard writers
  • Confirm pick-up or delivery of 30 postcards per packet. Arrange with Richard or Julia at (see #5).
  • Print a postcard instruction sheet for each packet.
  • You will receive an email message with name and address sheets. Please print the sheets (1 sheet of 30 names per packet).
  • Print out a Florida form for each packet. You must collect these forms along with the payment at the time of the packet pickup.
  • Print out one packet pickup/return sheet.
8. Assemble packets

Each paper bag or manila envelope should contain

  1. The number of cards you chose (20, 25, 30) to provide each volunteer,
  2. Twice the number of stamps as your card count,
  3. Twice the number of stickers as your card count,
  4. An address sheet with the same count of addresses as cards,
  5. A double-sided instruction sheet,
  6. A Florida Contribution form (if you haven't otherwise distributed it to your volunteers).
9. Packet tracking - label bags with packet number and expected completion or return date

Once you've assembled the packets, use a Sharpie-type marker to label each bag or manila envelope with:

  • The page numbers at the bottom of the address lists, and
  • The date you expect the postcard writers to complete and mail or return them.
10. Send out reminders

If you provided your guests with a RSVP link, those guests will receive automatic reminder emails about the packet distribution date and time.

If you have a lot of RSVPs, consider sending your own note, asking people to bring their own pen and a bottle of hand sanitizer so they can fill out the packet pickup sheet themselves. Review the Email Attendees section of the Mobilize Guide for instructions on how to email everyone who RSVPed.

11. Distribute your packets

You can distribute your packets at a specified location, deliver them, or have people pick them up on your porch.

  • Be sure to have a bottle of hand sanitizer or anti-microbial wipes available for your guests.
  • Have a receptacle available for the packet payments and the completed Florida forms.
  • Make sure you document who picked up which packet on your packet pickup sheet.
  • Create a sign to remind your volunteers of the following:
    • Cost of each packet is $24
    • To please complete their Florida Form and return it before taking the packet
    • Expected return deadline or mailing deadline
12. Gather completed Florida forms and email them to us

Collect an in-kind contribution form for every volunteer who donated money for postage and mailing costs.

The total contribution should equal the amount expended. Please don’t forget to fill out a form for yourself if you were not fully reimbursed for stamps, postcards or stickers.

Gather them and image them with scanner or phone camera & send them by email to

13. Collect the completed packets

If completed cards are returned to you, make any necessary corrections and verify writing accuracy of new volunteers. Document the return date on your packet pickup sheet.

14. Mail the completed packets on the date or date range indicated

Mailing the packets: If completed packets are returned to you, please check each packet and note packet numbers and date mailed on the packet pickup sheet. Alternatively, if your volunteers mail their completed packets themselves, please connect with each volunteer and note the packet number and date mailed on the packet pickup sheet.

15. Return your completed packet pickup sheet
Please return the completed packet pickup sheet to
This will enable us to reconcile voter names delivered to each host with postcards mailed so that we can insure that every eligible voter receives a postcard.
16. Send your postcard writers a thank you message.

Send your guests a follow-up thank you note. Feel free to let your guests know about future events. Also, we'd appreciate it if you would send a link to so your guests can sign up for the Swing Left Greater Boston newsletter. 

17. Let us know how it went

Fill out the SLGB Host Survey Form.

Take photos of the Packet Pick-up/Return Sheet and host survey form and email them to along with the virtual attendee list. You can also send photos of your virtual event for us to post on social media (making sure that voter names/addresses are obscured).

18. Keep the ball rolling!

Request your next set of postcards by going to the e-store and plan the dates for your next pick-up event.

Optional: Want to make your party more interactive?

Set up a conference call for your guests at a specified time to get together and:

  • Share their reasons for wanting a bluer America
  • Demonstrate how to fill out and address postcards
  • Network about other campaign-from-home opportunities

Setting up a conference call is fast, easy, and free!
Here are services that will give you a free account to host video and telephone conferences. Choose one, sign up and use the service’s invitation tool to invite your event guests to the call. Then just dial in and enter the host PIN.