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From Apolitical to Activist

Posted on September 11, 2020
Elissa Ely, Boston Globe

Elisa Ely, a Boston Globe columnist, spoke about her transition from apolitical to activist at our August 18 Florida Briefing call. Below are excerpts from her remarks.Click the image to read her article in the Globe.

The night of the last Presidential election, I went to the symphony with a friend. We were in the concert hall by 8 and out by 11. Back in the car, we turned on the radio to savor the news [of Hillary’s win] and learned the world had turned upside down.

I spent the first year of the Trump presidency in a state of numbness. I spent the second year in a state of numbness and growing rage at the changes that were occurring. I spent the third year in a state of numbness, rage, and terror.

I have a 23-year old daughter. It breaks my heart to think she is inheriting a world full of environmental catastrophe, economic catastrophe, and racial catastrophe. I can’t bear the idea that she might inherit another four years of political catastrophe.

Though not a political person, I decided that writing postcards to Florida, encouraging mail-in ballots, was a project I could take on.

I don’t know what happened to these postcards. Some readers surely tossed them before opening them. Others read them and then tossed them.

[At the same time…] I do know a certain number of recipients read them, paused, and tore off the pre-stamped mail-in ballot application. Somewhere in Florida, they dropped their applications into a postbox.

Whoever they are, I am grateful to these strangers, grateful to have been able to write them, and grateful we were briefly in touch.
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