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Results Matter

Our volunteers spend hours, days, months of their time working to help Democrats vote in elections — so we’re using data to make sure their energy and enthusiasm is driving an impact.


Partnership with Bluebonnet Data

Swing Left Greater Boston (SLGB) is partnering with Bluebonnet Data, a people-powered nonprofit with a mission to democratize data, to understand our volunteer impact. Bluebonnet embeds research fellows, highly-trained data scientists and coders, in progressive organizations like Swing Left Greater Boston. The Bluebonnet Data fellows analyze our data and compare it to voting information and other resources to help us understand what we need to do to win elections, where we target our resources, and what messages will resonate.

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Research Team

Our Research Team investigates what activities will make the most impact on Democratic elections. They work with our partner, Bluebonnet Data to understand results, test out new ideas from the SLGB team, and evaluate past SLGB campaigns for learnings and best practices. We leverage their work to create guides and checklists so all our volunteers can benefit. Check out two of our research studies below. 

Postcard Study: One Stamp vs. Two Stamps → 

Sarasota Pilot Study: Vote By Mail Postcards → 

2020 State Results 

In 2020, the team at SLGB chose six states to focus on from Swing Left national’s twelve super states. Our volunteers spent an estimated 156,100 hours on the election, making 1.76M calls and writing 1.77M postcards and letters. 

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2020 Results

In 2020, Swing Left Greater Boston volunteers participated in more than 4.7M activities to support democracy. See the full results of each race in the links below.

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