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About Fundraising

When people think of fundraising, they usually picture big-money events with tuxedos and champagne in sight of the US Capitol, or traditional meet-the-candidate fundraisers.

Your fundraiser does not have to be grand or expensive—or host a candidate. The median donation to Swing Left funds is just $25.

The most effective fundraising actually happens locally, at clubs, bars, restaurants—and our own homes. You and your personal network—and thousands of people like you all across the country—can beat the big money Republicans at their own game. And we can have a lot more fun doing it!

Fundraising is one of the most important—and strategic!— things we can do to take back *all* the houses in 2020.

Swing Left gives you the tools you need to help Democrats win in critical Super States.

Swing Left has a “campaign in waiting” model, which stays neutral until the primary. We know that after primaries, candidates are usually low on cash. That’s when Republican-aligned dark money groups start hammering our candidates with negative ads, hoping to define them before they even start their general election campaigns.

We want to make sure our candidates hit the ground running in the general election and don’t get outspent by their Republican opponents all the way through to Election Day!

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