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About House Parties

A house party is usually held in a private home, but it can be any gathering of friends, family, and colleagues. It is all about sharing information and building community. You can have light refreshments—or no refreshments—or host it as a potluck or dinner party. During the summer, consider hosting a blue BBQ.

It is all about bringing people together and planing how to flip *all* the Houses.

From the Swing Left House Party Guide:

  1. Bring your friends and other Swing Left members together and get them excited about working to win a swing state. Creating real connections is the most important step towards building a movement, so take the time at your house party to get to know each other.
  2. Create an action calendar to plan out the work you’ll do together, whether you’re near or far from the swing state.

Getting Started

Start with the house party/blue BBQ checklist and campaign folder