Getting Started

Don’t worry, it is easy! We suggest attending a few events before hosting your own event—just check out our event calendar.

In early 2019, our calendar will have many postcard and voter registration events, but that will change. Special elections may create some early phone bank and texting opportunities. Also, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia have off-year state elections, so there will be some 2019 opportunities in those states.

Interested in a particular state? Check out our Swing Left 2020 guide, and join a key state team!

Start with the new Swing Left Host Guide and then learn more about phone banking, texting, and postcard writing.

Looking for an opportunity in a particular state or with a particular campaign? Check out MobilizeAmerica. It is a little quiet now, but that will change.


Find a Venue

  • Your home
    • Most folks host events in their home. If you are uncomfortable listing your home address, you can put address supplied with RSVP
  • Activist Afternoons
    • Looking for a weekly Sunday afternoon (4-6 pm each Sunday) to host your event, and a venue that provides support for all organizers? Check out Activist Afternoons in Cambridge, Central Square.
  • Public locations
    • Many public libraries offer their meeting rooms free of charge, provided the meeting is free and open to the public. Many folks use large, public cafes with lots of seating (e.g., Panera, Brueggers)  for postcard parties. If you are in the Arlington area, many folks use the ArtLounge for postcard parties.


Create an Action Network Event 

  • Use this link for phone bank/texting
  • Use this link for postcard parties
  • Be sure to include the district or candidates name (if applicable) in the event title. Example: Board Game Night Fundraiser for FL-15, Postcard Party for KY-06, Texting for GA-06, Fundraiser for Swing Left Senate Fund, etc.
  • Location. You can put RSVP for address, and choose whether to make Action Network events public or private.
  • Need assistance? Email us at


Promote Your Event