About VRBM

Let’s write letters to not-yet-but-soon-we-hope voters!

At Swing Left, we’re not afraid to try new approaches. We’re piloting an innovative combination of tactics that uses volunteer power to register voters by mail en masse. It involves us writing personal letters—lots of letters—which is one of the most effective ways to get someone to register to vote. We’ve talked with a lot of voter registration experts, and no one’s done it at scale like this before. This is the power of a grassroots activist movement, and what we can do when we work together.

Let us know when you would like to chat by phone and learn more!


Getting Started

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Find a Venue

Most folks host events in their home. If you do not want to list your home address, enter “address supplied with RSVP.” No worries if you want to host a private VRBM event, and invite friends and colleagues.

Want to host a larger event, or have a public locations? Here are some ideas.

  • Activist Afternoons
    • Looking for a weekly Sunday location (4-6 pm each Sunday) to host your event, and a venue that provides support for all organizers? Check out Activist Afternoons in Cambridge, Central Square.
  • Public locations
    • Most public libraries offer meeting rooms free of charge, provided the meeting is free and open to the public. See our event venue guide.
    • Many folks use large, public cafes with lots of seating (e.g., Panera, Brueggers)  for VRBM and postcard writing parties. If you are in the Arlington area, many folks use ArtLounge. 
    • Some local brew pubs (e.g., Democracy Brewing in Boston and Aeronaut in Somerville) have large backrooms where you can reserve a table or two.
    • Many houses of worship will let you use the recreation rooms or meeting rooms.


Create an Action Network Event

  • Under Sponsored by (right side of screen), select Swing Left Greater Boston and/or your group name. This puts your event on the Swing Left map, and helps us collect the names and emails in Action Network—*so* important for follow-up!
  • No worries if you want to host a private VRBM event. Just click Private Event at the bottom of the screen.
  • Need to limit RSVPs? Enter the the maximum number of attendees at the bottom right of the Action Network screen. Tip: Swing Left estimates 25% of RSVPs will not attend.
  • Need assistance, or do not see your group? Email us at swingleftgreaterboston@gmail.com!


Create a Vote Forward Account

  • Make sure you create the account with the same email address used for the Action Network event. This will help Swing Left authenticate your account.
  • If you have troubles getting into your account, please email us swingleftgreaterboston@gmail.com.


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