In Action

Swing the country, no matter where you live. Swing Left Greater Boston is launching Swing Blue Alliance, a program that connects you and your volunteers with Democratic campaigns and committees to bring you effective letter-writing, phone banking, texting and other activities. Where possible, we work with campaigns to measure the success of these programs, so you can feel secure that your volunteer time is well-spent.

Swing Blue Alliance is focused on the following goals:

  • Democratic control in the House, Senate and White House, and an end to gerrymandering in key states
  • Bringing together activist groups to meet the extraordinary challenges of our time.

How to join Swing Blue Alliance

To find an activity or connect with a coordinator, visit the Swing to Blue Alliance portal.

The Fine Print

  • Swing Blue Alliance is for volunteer organizers from Massachusetts, New England and beyond.
  • Swing Left Greater Boston is an all-volunteer grassroots activist group separate from but affiliated with Swing Left.