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Posted on July 22, 2020

Swing the country, no matter where you live. Swing Left Greater Boston is launching Swing Blue Alliance, a program that helps you and your volunteers make meaningful connections with Democratic voters to boost turnout and win elections. Swing Blue Alliance volunteers work with Democratic campaigns and committees to bring you effective letter-writing, phone banking, texting and other initiatives. Where possible, we help campaigns measure the response to these programs so that you can feel secure that your volunteer time is well-spent.

Swing Blue Alliance is focused on the following goals:

  • Democratic control in the House, Senate and White House, and an end to gerrymandering in key states
  • Bringing together activist groups to meet the extraordinary challenges of our time.

Swing Blue Alliance is open to anyone from Massachusetts, New England and beyond. Swing Left Greater Boston is an all-volunteer grassroots activist group separate from but affiliated with Swing Left. 

How to join Swing Blue Alliance

Organizers who are running state specific or multi-state campaigns, including state coordinators,  are welcome to use the Swing Blue Alliance brand. Some advantages:

  • Swing Blue Alliance campaigns are not restricted to Greater Boston 
  • Swing Blue Alliance campaigns are open to other groups
  • Volunteers who participate in Swing Blue Alliance campaigns do not automatically join Swing Left Greater Boston, but they can opt in.