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July 18 Newsletter

Posted on July 17, 2020

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Congratulate Sara Gideon
Meet Sara Gideon, the next Senator from Maine
“November is Coming” Post-Primary Kickoff
Congratulations to Sara Gideon, who won a well-fought primary on July 14 to become our Senate candidate for the state of Maine. Winning Susan Collins’ seat is crucial to Democratic prospects for taking back the Senate on Election Day– which means it’s time for us to go all in.

With less than four months to go, we have more work ahead of us than ever, and your help is crucial to our success. Will you join us?

Don’t miss our “November is Coming” post-primary kickoff on Wednesday, July 22 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Sara Gideon herself will be the featured speaker. At this virtual pep rally, you’ll learn about all the different ways you can contribute to Sara’s campaign.

Nov 4: Did we save Democracy?
(If you’re not free that day, join Force Multiplier’s Zoom Meet with Sara Gideon on Sunday, July 19 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.)
Introvert and phone
Are you on the fence about phone banking?
Phone Bank Training for Introverts (& Friends)
Three introverts-who-phone-bank in san Francisco are leading this interactive and supportive training session. They’ll demonstrate that you already have key skills, including the ability to listen thoughtfully and have meaningful one – to – one connections. Together, you’ll build on those skills by talking about phone banking challenges and sharing some tips that really work.

You can do this!
Phone Bank Training for Introverts (& Friends)
Sunday July 26 @ 1:00 am – 3:00 pm EDT

Put your new skills to work
PA Pep Rally and Phone Bank, Sunday, July 19 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Phone Banking for Beginners, Sunday, July 26 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

MA Wisconsin Bridge – Building Phone Banks
Every Sunday in July @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Choose ANY phone bank
This list is day by day. Scroll down to the Next Events > link at the bottom of the page to see more dates.

Biden Phone Bank Leader Thomas Ware
Thomas Ware applies his skills and drive to getting people on the phones for Biden
Interview with a Biden Phone Bank Leader
Thomas Ware’s first political action was when he was in high school, volunteering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for President Obama. As he relates, “My 18th birthday was that December, so I missed voting by one month, a fact that frustrated me to no end.”

2016 was his senior year at Dartmouth. “The night of the election, I experienced the shock and horror that we all did that night. I felt bewildered and embarrassed that it was my state that lost the election. When I learned that Trump won due to low Democratic turnout, I realized that getting people to vote was the best way to make a difference this year. I’m involved to make sure that that doesn’t happen again.”

Why did you agree to be a leader?
  I believe the impact of many is greater than the impact of one, so becoming a phone bank leader (for the first time!) was a clear choice. Luckily, I have experience organizing, motivating, and leading in other aspects of my life, and I enjoy doing it. But, even without that background, the other volunteers’ enthusiasm makes it rewarding.

What does a leader actually do?
It’s pretty straightforward. I enter the event in the Biden and Swing Left calendar sites and then open the Zoom meeting at the specified time. Many volunteers are experienced; in that case, I just point them to Biden’s phone bank and they’re off and running. I stay on Zoom so I’m available to answer questions and track calls.

Some callers are new to the process. I take them through the script, talk about potential issues, and teach them to use the software. That’s a hurdle for some people. One retired gentleman needed help with everything from Zoom and the calling software to entering the data. It’s great because he’s off and running … he’s so motivated, and he has the time

What are challenges?
Most political discourse — news media, social media, and unfortunately many politicians themselves — is centered around conflict. Naturally, that makes some people hesitant to get involved. However, once callers begin, they realize the phone scripts are about finding common ground, building relationships, and encouraging people.

What are benefits?
The other volunteers and I get to have conversations with people from all walks of life, and we aren’t as different as we think. It becomes easier to understand the perspective of others, and allows us to relate to people that we might not have connected with otherwise.

Getting involved is also a great way to meet others with similar interests and passions. I’ve made Zoom friends with some who’ve invited others to join, as well. At one virtual meeting, I “ran into” and reconnected with someone I knew from high school in Wisconsin who’s moved to Boston!

To quote former Chicago Bears coach George Halas (which really pains me to do as a diehard Green Bay Packers fan), “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”
phone bank with Michigan's Nicole
Nicole Breadon wants to give the Michigan State House another Dem
Let’s Flip *All* the Houses … Including the Michigan State House!
By dialing for Michigan state house candidates, we engage Democratic voters who vote blue up and down the ballot. When you flip a Michigan state house seat, you bring Democracy to the source.

A blue state house means overturning Michigan gerrymandering, addressing environmental issues and groundwater contamination, increasing funding for Michigan schools/healthcare,/infrastructure … and many other important issues.

Join us dialing for the amazing Nicole Breadon (MI HD-43)
every Monday 5-7 pm ET.

See our new and improved Michigan Phone Bank Guide.

The blog includes our guide to Michigan’s amazing state house candidates, including the Swing Left slate plus some StateWide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) picks.

Go anywhere, be part of everything, right from the Swing Left Greater Boston home page. Just click Join. Join SLGB
An easy way to help:
Tell everyone you know across the country to make sure they’re registered to vote.
protect the vote
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