Everything You Need to Host

This campaign is currently not active at Vote Forward. We will repost this action kit if it returns.

Hosting a Swing Left Voter Registration by Mail letter-writing party has never been easier. Everything you need to host a party is included in this kit.

Handwritten letters with the registration form and prepaid mailer in the envelope is a proven way to prompt likely Democratic voters to register to vote. Host a Voter Registration By Mail party, and take advantage of our partners’ 10 years of experience increasing Democratic registration. It’s fun, easy and will make a big difference in 2020!

Ready to Get Started? Pick one of these two options.

  1. Fill out the Host An Event form. A Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer will connect with you to walk you through the process.
  2. Follow the VRBM Event Guide. It has step-by-step instructions for inviting your guests, what supplies to have on hand, and how to run the event.

Let’s make activism easy! With love from your Swing Left Greater Boston Support team