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What’s the best way to turn New England’s congressional delegation blue? Come to Maine and knock doors! 

Face-to-face conversations with voters can swing this election in Jared Golden’s favor

How to Knock Doors (Canvass)

Most Urgent Needs

As of 11/4:

Come up on Monday 11/5 and especially on Tuesday 11/6!  We need canvassers in Rumford, South Paris, Skowhegan and Farmington on Tuesday 11/6.

The Tuesday 11/6 shifts are: 8-12, 12-4 and 4-8pm. The most important shift is 8am to 12pm. So we’re asking you to drive up the night before, or leave your house by 5:00AM on Election Day.
To stay overnight in Maine and canvass (or just be a driver) on Tuesday morning, please RSVP here:
To leave early Tuesday morning to arrive for the 8:00AM shift, please RSVP here:

You can even stay overnight and come to the election watch party.

If you have already registered for canvass shifts in Lewiston and feel more comfortable sticking to the plan—that is no problem. The Golden campaign is expecting lots of volunteers and is preparing for it. Otherwise, please email and we’ll help you explore your options.

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About Jared and ME-02

Jared Golden (ME-02) is a progressive, military veteran, and an experienced political leader in Maine. He currently serves as the assistant majority leader in the Maine state legislature. He has an excellent chance at defeating conservative incumbent, Wall Street millionaire Bruce Poliquin—New England’s only Republican member of Congress.

Polls are neck and neck, and the race could be decided by a few hundred votes. Every phone call and door knock could make a difference in this extremely close race.

Learn more about Jared Golden and ME-02.

Please Keep in Touch

Let us know your plans take the Last Weekend pledge.  If you live in Maine, sign up for Swing Left Maine.

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