Register Maine Voters

 In Action

We have registered well over over 1,000 voters since June!

Join us! We are registering voters at community colleges, courthouses, shopping areas, and colleges throughout southern Maine. New—indoor and outdoor events for the winter!

  • Thursday 12/12 Auburn, MA. RSVP/learn more here
  • Wednesday 1/15 South Portland, MA. RSVP/learn more here

Don’t worry if you have not done this before! We will have a short training at the beginning of each session.

Want to organize your own voter registration event at the Maine holiday fair?

  • Check this spreadsheet of possible events.
  • Pick a date and events that works for you
  • If possible, invite a friend or two to join you
  • Contact Gari ( if you are in the Boston Area and/or Sandi ( if you re in the Portland area to let them know. They will provide the voter registration cards and clipboards that  you will need.  Gari can also set the event up on Action Network and invite others to sign up and  join you.  

Please remember to bring appropriate clothing (including rain gear and umbrella, if necessary, and if outside), comfortable shoes, water, snack, a fully charged mobile device, and sunscreen (for sunny days). Please check the weather ( or other site) and dress accordingly. Please check the Action Network discussion board for last minute updates.

Carpools available, too.

For more information, contact Berl Hartman (