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“Make a Commitment to Yourself”

Posted on September 11, 2020

Lisa Smith with Frances Jackson for NC HD-45

Lisa Smith is a mother, a grandmother of seven, and a full time mediator and collaborative attorney. She also organizes two Wellesley phone banks. While it can be hard to fit volunteer work into a busy life with a family, Lisa has found creative ways to call swing state voters to make a difference and connect socially while physically distancing.

With so much on the line in this election, Lisa offers: “I really encourage you to figure out how many hours you can commit to volunteer between the time you’re reading this and November 3. Everyone has different schedules and amounts of time, but stick with that commitment to yourself! None of us want regrets in November.”

One of Lisa’s phone banks supports Dr. Frances Jackson, who is running for NC House District 45. Both Lisa and Frances believe it is imperative to win this race.

Dr. Jackson has an extensive career in state and local government. She has served as county transportation and community planner, transportation director, and zoning administrator, as well as County Magistrate.

Dr. Jackson focuses on people, jobs, and the environment. She is committed to bringing new jobs to District 45 and supports increased funding to raise teachers’ salaries and enhance educational quality at all levels.

Moreover, HD-45 is Cumberland County, home of documented Republican voter suppression. The only way to fight voter suppression is to elect Democratic state legislators like Dr. Frances Jackson.Call to action

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