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Slay the Dragon: Gerrymandering in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Beyond
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Michigan At Home GOTV Letter Writing/Movie Night

Posted on August 25, 2020


Grab your favorite beverage, print 20 Vote Forward letters for Michigan, and queue up a documentary or film set in Michigan!



How Do I Write Letters?

If you need more information (beyond what’s on the Vote Forward web site), check out this site.

What If I Don’t Have a Printer?

Normally we can print and mail or deliver a set—but our antique laser printer died and we have not had time to replace it. 

We have not tried it, but copy centers like Staples, UPS, FedEx Kinkos, etc. offer curbside pickup, as well as delivery by mail. We have uploaded files and picked up before, and it is very convenient—but have not tried the curbside pickup or delivery by mail.

I Do Not Want to Go Outside to Buy Supplies or Stamps. What Do You Suggest?

No worries, same same! Be safe out there. You can order envelopes and paper online from vendors (e.g., Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) You can also buy stamps online here.

Do I Have to Rent the Film?

Yes. Due to licensing issues, we have not found a way for everyone to watch the film at the same time, without paying for a virtual screen room. We do try and find films that are available with multiple streaming/rental options.

How Do I Suggest a Film?

Do tell! Please email

What We’re Watching

  • Slay the Dragon (2019)
    • About gerrymandering in Michigan, Wisconsin, and beyond.
    • Film web site (includes how to rent, support theaters, and buy DVD)
    • IMDb
    • Sister District and Indivisible Chicago have both hosted outstanding post-film discussions. Why not queue up your own home viewing, then tune in for a (recorded) virtual discussion? More here.
  • Flint: Poisoning of an American City (2019)
    • About water contamination in Flint—which is a larger environmental issue in Michigan
    • Film web site (includes trailer and how to rent of Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon Prime)
    • IMDb
  • Roger and Me (1989)
    • Michael Moore’s first documentary, about General Motors closing Michigan factories in Flint, Michigan in the late 1980s
    • IMDb
    • Rent on YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Vudu (all around $3)
  • Detroitopia (2012)
    • About the documentary here and here
    • IMDb
    • Rent it on Apple iTunes here or Microsoft here, or buy it on DVD here (or on the other rental sites). 
  • Losing Detroit (2018) 
    • About: Detroit suffered, perhaps more than any other city, from unfathomable levels of tax and mortgage foreclosure. Losing Detroit profiles residents fighting to keep their homes as investors try to scoop them up for cheap. 
    • IMDb
    • Trailer
    • Rent it on Amazon (unfortunately the only place we can find to rent it right now)
  • United States of Detroit (2017)
    • The United States of Detroit details resilient residents and newcomers leading the city towards its current resurgence. 
    • Film web site
    • IMDb
    • Rent it on iTunes and  Amazon 
    • Variety of options here


Learn More

Sending a Vote Forward letter is one of the easiest things you can do to increase election turnout. It only takes a couple of minutes and a stamp to meaningfully increase the odds that a fellow citizen will vote.

Need More Information/Have Questions?

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