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November 23, 2019
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Laying groundwork for 2020
Swing Left Super State Strategy Kickoff
Indivisible MA Together for 2020 Conference
Plans for PA Collaboration in 2020

Event Calendar Heading
Concord Saturday, November 23
@ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Concord Activist Huddle
Learn more
Cambridge Sunday, November 24
@ 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Cambridge Activist Afternoons
Learn more
North Andover Wednesday, November 27
@ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Postcards to Voters with Andover Indivisible
Learn more
Newburyport Friday, November 29
@ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
I-RISE Friday Action Hour Postcards
Learn more
Cambridge Sunday, December 1
@ 4: pm – 6:00 pm
Cambridge Activist Afternoons
Learn more
Postcard and Letter Writing
Boston Saturday, November 23
@ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Register Voters by Mail: Pennsylvania
Learn more
Concord Saturday, November 23
@ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Letters to Inspire People to Register to Vote
Learn more
Pelham Saturday, November 23
@ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Letters to Encourage People to Register to Vote
Learn more
Sudbury Sunday, November 24
@ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Write Letters to Register Voters: Wisconsin
Learn more
Online/ Anywhere Sunday, November 24
@ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Train to be a Trainer! Video Call with Field Team 6
Learn more
Online/ Anywhere Monday, November 25
@ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Flippin’ North Carolina: Voter Registration Training Call with Field Team 6!
Learn more
Online/ Anywhere Tuesday, November 26
@ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Flippin’ Florida: Voter Registration Training Call with Field Team 6!
Learn more
Online/ Anywhere Sunday, December 01
@ 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Flippin’ Pennsylvania: Voter Registration Training Call with Field Team 6!
Learn more
Cambridge Sunday, November 24
@ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Film Screening on Voter Suppression in Georgia with Guest Speakers
Learn more
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Rolling Out the Swing Left Super State Strategy
Swing Left is rolling out its 2020 Super State Strategy and kicking it off with a Weekend of Action, January 18 and 19, 2020.

The plan is to target states — highlighted in this map — that have the most potential for success.
  • In the yellow -striped states, there’s a real opportunity to swing the presidential election
  • In the pink -striped states, Dems can take back the Senate by flipping only four Republican seats (and maintaining the existing Democratic ones)
  • In the turquoise -striped states, Democratic state control would enable legislatures to strike down significant racial and partisan gerrymandering
Here in New England, Swing Left Greater Boston is focusing on Maine, Florida. and Pennsylvania. [Of course, you can pick any state. Spend the winter in Arizona? Have friends or family in Michigan or Texas? Dying to justify a ski trip in Colorado? Swing Left can help you make an impact.]

Between now and the Weekend of Action, the newsletter will cameo Maine, Florida. and Pennsylvania, introducing goals and key issues. Plus, for those of you who’ve made connections with activists up in Maine, you’ll get chance to help them hold Swing Left Super-State Strategy parties of their own.

Learn more here.

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Kickstart 2020.

Host a Swing Left Super State Strategy party.

Click here to get started.

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Come see us!
Wouldn’t It Be Great to Get Together?
It’s fun to be around other like-minded people, working together for positive change. On December 7, let’s get together at the Together for 2020 conference in Worcester, organized by our friends at Indivisible MA.

Swing Left Greater Boston is leading a number of workshops including:
  • Canvassing Confidential: Real stories from canvassing in Maine
  • Going the Distance – Volunteering for Campaigns in Key Battleground States
  • Making the Most of Postcarding and Other Mailings
  • Voter Registration: Register Democrats, Save the World!
  • Cross-Group Support: A Workshop to Share and Scale Together

Don’t wait to register!

Learn more.

Check this out!
Don’t Miss These Events

Learn How to Register Voters in Florida

The Florida Democratic Party must add 200,000 additional Democrats to the rolls by October 2020, and the best way to achieve this is to hit the streets. Join the Field Team 6 Training Call this Tuesday, November 26 @ 7 pm – 8 pm. You’ll receive a strategic overview of the state, where your time will be best spent, what kind of hot spots Field Team 6 has identified … and, for those who don’t live in the state, how we plan on getting there and when.

Register for the call on November 26th @ 7pm. RSVP here.

Learn about Voter Suppression

  • Suppressed: The Fight to Vote film follows Stacey Abrams’ fight to become the first Black female governor in the U.S.
  • Carolyn Bourdeaux will describe her first-hand experiences running her sister Margaret Bourdeaux’s campaign for Congress in Georgia’s 7th.
  • Quentin Palfrey, founder of the Voter Protection Corps, will explain how his lawyer-driven organization is building a state-by-state playbook to combat voter suppression.

Space is limited to the first 100 registrants. RSVP here.

Bob Master, Ann Eldridge, and Bob Scheier in Allentown, PA
Building on Success with PA Dems
Three Swing Left Greater Boston volunteers — Bob Scheier, Bob Master, and Ann Eldridge — are more convinced than ever that Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley will be ground zero for the campaign to defeat Donald Trump. These New Englanders joined local volunteers during the November election. They dropped literature, greeted voters at the polls, and helped wherever they were needed.

Most importantly, they had face-to-face meetings with local leaders, including several from the crucial LatinX community. Those meetings laid a solid groundwork for collaboration between SLGB and Make the Road Pennsylvania, which describes itself as “dedicated to organizing the working class in Latino communities, building power for Justice.” This group is actively working in PA and other Swing States to boost voter registration and encourage response to the census.

Of course, the intrepid three are staying in touch with their folks at Democratic party organizations in Lehigh and Northampton counties. Local contacts are ready and happy to host SLGB volunteers when they head back down for the big push for the 2020 elections.

Bob Scheier
would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions on how we can together win Pennsylvania and the White House next year. Just send him an email and put Interested in PA in the subject line.
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