Organizer Resources

Organizer Resources

Resources for Swing Blue Alliance/SLGB Team Leaders


Event Management

You can use Mobilize to post your events on the SLGB calendar and collect RSVPs. It also allows you to communicate with all attendees, and automatically sends them reminders and confirmation emails.



Swing Left Greater Boston Calendar

Our calendar team updates and maintains the calendar with all locally hosted events.



Volunteer Management

Your team can use Action Network to maintain an email list that allows you to send out general mailings such as a newsletter, or targeted emails to activist subgroups.


  • Tags: Activists in Action Network will have tags added that can indicate information such as their volunteer interests and participation history.
  • Signup Forms: you can use AN to create forms that collect signups for particular programs/interests i.e. language skills, voter protection
  • Emails: Tyler Moss can help you create and send emails through AN. Fill out this form.
  • Learn how to use the Action Network with this video made by Tyler Moss.
  • Our Action Network tag team is a great resource. They can export your signups from Mobilize events into your AN group so you can keep in touch with your volunteers.
  • For help getting started with Action Network, you can connect with Andy Liebman.




    • State Pages: each super state team has its own page:
    • You should keep your page up to date with the latest strategy calls, volunteer/organizing opportunities, important information, etc.
    • Sign-up forms: Sign up forms for specific teams are listed under “Join” on the website. Most of these forms are linked to your own Action Network or Swing Left group (or the signups are sent to the team lead). To see the signup forms, please check this comprehensive documentation. You should follow up with people who sign up to volunteer with your team.



Swing Blue Alliance Groups


  • For any volunteer, including those outside of MA, we are offering Swing Blue Alliance as a support system and group affiliation.
  • Relevant programming can be posted on your super-state page or the Swing Blue Alliance landing page.
  • goes directly to the Swing Blue Alliance landing page.
  • Separate Action Network Groups: if you are maintaining your own Action Network group, you can use it to host your volunteer database and keep in touch with them. (See Action Network section above.)


Phone Banking Resources



Letter/Postcard Resources

PA VBM Quickstart Guide (Tom Sander)
Florida VBM Postcard Landing Page (Julia Rabkin)

Additional Resources: