PA Vote by Mail Campaign Launches

PA Vote by Mail Campaign Launches

Posted on May. 19, 2020

For release on Tuesday, May 19th

Swing Left Greater Boston is launching a five-part campaign to help Democrats in Pennsylvania apply to receive mail-in ballots and begin voting in the presidential election as early as September 14th.

This layered campaign will  include phone banks and text banks hosted by MA organizers, letter-writing projects, and multi-tactic initiatives focused on infrequent voters. Swing Left Greater Boston’s research team will work with partners including Turn PA Blue, Red2Blue and local Democratic committees to research the effectiveness of these campaigns.

First Layer: Phone banks and text banks

Train phone bank organizers, beginning with the Phone Bank Launch Event on Saturday, May 23.  Introduce the Pennsylvania phone bank organizers kit. Launch a weekly bulletin with news on PA phone banks hosted by organizers in Massachusetts. 

Second Layer: Mail

Launch Vote by Mail postcard/letters to encourage PA Dems to register to receive  mail-in ballots for the November election. The Swing Left Greater Boston research team will collaborate with partners on the ground to research the effectiveness of the mailing program.

Third Layer: Multi-Tactic 

Implement a layered program of interventions, including phone banking, texts and letters/postcards targeting low frequency voters  Research team will evaluate the effectiveness of different techniques.

Fourth Layer:  Protect and Support

Recruit volunteers for voter protection support training, including helping voters navigate early voting and voting by mail, as well as traditional poll watching.

Fifth Layer: Chase and Cure

Starting September 14th, encourage Democrats to return their mail-in and absentee ballots. Develop and implement ways  to help cure rejected ballots so that every possible Dem vote is counted.


By implementing evidence-based interventions to encourage low frequency voters to apply for absentee ballots and supporting them through the voting process to ensure that their votes are counted, Swing Left Greater Boston will increase turnout in a pivotal presidential battleground state, help flip the PA state legislature and strengthen Democratic party organizations on the ground for future election cycles.

To participate, please fill out this form and a Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer will reach out to you.