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Pam Iovino PA State Senate District 37

Pam Iovino PA State Senate District 37

Update: Pam Iovino Wins

Pam Iovino has won the special election in SD-37 for the Pennsylvania Senate, flipping the seat from red to blue. Congratulations, Pam!

The ramifications cannot be overstated: this the first state legislative seat that Democrats have flipped blue in 2019. Democrats are just three seats away from flipping the Pennsylvania Senate in 2020.

Take Action: Attend a Letter Writing party

Thank you letter writers! This campaign is over, but now we need all hands on deck for phone banking, and other voter engagement (see below)

Other Actions You Can Take

Why this Is Important

Pam Iovino is running in the special election April 2 for PA State Senate District 37 to replace Republican Guy Reschenthaler (who was elected to US Congress).

Electing Democrats to the state legislature matters a lot in Pennsylvania, which was, until recently, hopelessly gerrymandered. Although the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the unfair maps in 2018, this was just a temporary measure. The new more competitive districts could disappear after the 2020 census.

When Pam Iovino wins this election, the state will need to flip only two more seats to have a Democratic Congress. It’s more than possible: In 2018, the Dems netted 5 more seats to flip the State Senate.

Flipping this district will put us within range for flipping the Pennsylvania State Senate in 2020.

Learn more at PA Democrats or Pam’s campaign page.

The special election is April 2, 2019.