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Want to help stop voter suppression? Host a postcard-writing party to encourage voters to check their registration status and to vote early!

The film Suppressed will make you cry and scream but might be inspiring to watch. It covers how the governorship was stolen from Stacey Abrams. The individual interviews are powerful. 

No addresses need to be written – that will be done by Georgia Dems.
No postage needed, but they would really appreciate any donations possible to help cover.

The instructions below walk you through entire process, step by step.

Watch this short but powerful film

Red2Blue is working hard to help a group in Atlanta prevent voters in Georgia from becoming disenfranchised.

Watch Suppressed: The Fight to Vote.  You may also want to show this short but powerful film at your event.

2. Decide on a date and time.

We suggest two hours. People come and go; most write for an hour or so. Weekdays, weeknights, weekend days all work, so pick what works best for you.

3. Determine how many people you can host.

Keep in mind that people will require reasonably-comfortable seats and writing surfaces: Typically, people spread out in dining rooms, kitchens (table and counters), and any spare tables. You can set up folding tables and chairs when needed.

You can cap the RSVP count during the setup process, and you can even close the process to new RSVPs after people have started replying.

4. Input your party information.

Enter your information into the house party input form

For instructions, check out the Mobilize Guide for Swing Left Greater Boston. Be sure to verify your event by clicking the email you receive from

5. Send invitations by email to anyone you know who wants to make a difference!

Here’s a sample text to get you started.

If you have time, it’s best to send to each person individually. 

You can find the RSVP link by going to your Event Dashboard at Click the name of your event to get to the Event Detail page. The RSVP link is near the top, where it says Link. Just paste the whole URL into your invitation.

6. 7-10 days before your event, order postcards

Order your postcards from Susan Loffredo (

Rule of Thumb: Plan on each volunteer being able to comfortably write 10 postcards within a 1 ½ hour window which allows time for training and checking for accuracy.

9. 1-2 days before your event, print event materials

Print enough of the following for all guests:

  • Postcard message:

    Dear Fellow Voter,
    EARLY VOTING in Georgia for the critical 2020 election begins on OCTOBER 12!!
    We need YOUR VOICE! I’m a volunteer asking you to please make your voting plan NOW and please vote
    DEMOCRAT and vote in all elections.  You will make a difference!
    Thank you!   FIRST NAME, VOLUNTEER

For yourself, print:

10. Buy your supplies

Before the event, buy the following:

  • Pens - 1+ per attendee, in a variety of colors. Felt-tip or gel pens are great, but test them to make sure they're legible and don't smear
  • Folders to hold each guest's materials
  • (Optional) highlighters to make the cards distinctive
  • Whiteout (for mistakes, one per 4-5 guests)
13. Arrange for snacks and beverages.

This isn’t a requirement, but they are always appreciated. You don’t need to provide them all yourself – guests are usually happy to bring something!

14. Enjoy your party!

Refer to the sample schedule below for a perfect event.

15. Finished cards

Go through the completed cards and make any necessary corrections using either white-out or stickers. It may be necessary to rewrite a few of the postcards that are not able to be fixed. Be sure the guests have left space at the bottom of each postcard for the barcode that the post office prints.

Return the completed cards to Susan Loffredo.

16. Update your Attendee list with people who didn't RSVP.

Did any of your guests bring friends?

Go to the Event Dashboard at, and click View Signups under the Action menu. Then click the + New Attendee button and type the person’s contact information. You’ll find instructions in the Mobilize Guide for Swing Left Greater Boston.

17. Send a thank you email listing other events you’re planning.

Feel free to send a link to so your guests can sign up for the Swing Left Greater Boston newsletter. Check out the Email Attendees section of the Mobilize Guide for Swing Left Greater Boston for an easy way to email all the attendees.

18. Important follow-up process!
  • Fill out the host survey form
  • Take photos of the sign-in sheets, volunteer sign-up, and host survey and email them to along with the attendee list. You can also send photos of the party for us to post on social media.

Sample agenda for your Georgia Peachy Postcards Party

This is your party—customize as you wish. This sample agenda presumes a 4 pm start time.

3:00 – 4:00 Set up the chairs/tables guests will use. Set out pens, instructions, and sign-in sheet on tables. Set up refreshments if providing.

4:00-4:15 Guests use the sign-in sheet to check in. Be sure to collect complete contact information for any attendees who didn’t register. Mix and mingle. Collect donated materials. 

4:15-4:30 Introduce yourself. Tell a story that relates to why you are here. Ask your guests to share what motivated them to come today and get involved.

4:30-4:35 Talk about why this matters and how this action fits into the larger picture of people taking action across the country.  

4:35-4:45 Pass out the packets of postcard-creation materials. Ask each guest to find a buddy to check their work. Review the postcard-writing guidelines with your guests. Emphasize importance of sticking to the script (for tone and content) . Printing is also preferred to cursive as it can be easier to read.

4:45-5:45 Guests should spend the last hour creating 10 neatly written postcards. Be sure your guests leave space at the bottom of each postcard for the barcode that the post office prints. Your guests may need to write smaller than they usually do.

Try not to write cards yourself – you’ll be busy helping your guests.

Pass around the donation jar.

5:45-6:00 Once you and all of your volunteers have finished the postcards: 

  1. Ask your guests about their takeaways from this experience. If they have suggestions or questions, write them on the post-event survey sheet.
  2. Connect your guests to your local sources of information for other activities. Swing Left Greater Boston’s weekly newsletter is a great resource.
  3. Ask your guests to fill out the Super State opportunity sheet.
  4. Collect any cards that aren’t completed.
  5. Before your guests leave, don’t forget to take a group photo. Everyone, say: “VOTING ROCKS!”
  6. Upload your photos to social media with the hashtag #SwingLeft2020 and tag @SwingLeft. If you prefer, you can email them to and we’ll upload them for you.

Pro Tips for Peachy Postcards for Voter Suppression

  • Make sure to copy the exact message. Do not mention any candidates or political parties!
  • You might want to use colorful pens and/or highlighters for emphasis
  • Highlight the URL with a light-colored highlighter
  • Write legibly