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Great news! By now, we’ve written over 6,000 letters in support of local elections in  other states. 

NOW it’s time to phone bank. There are just a few days left before the Tuesday April 2nd special  elections in swing states Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Whether you want to block gerrymandering in Wisconsin  or get one step closer to flipping the senate in Pennsylvania,​ phone banking is the best way to get out the vote for the special elections on April 2nd. 

During the midterms, Obama came right to the point, “We shouldn’t expect (politics)  to be entertaining all the time… Sometimes you are just in a church basement  making phone calls and eating cold pizza.”

So, even if they don’t serve pizza, don’t  give up on the cause. It may be too late to drive or mail postcards, but it’s not too  late to pick up the phone. 

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Phone Banking at Cambridge Activist Afternoons, Every Sunday 4-6 pm

Critical Call for Phone Bankers

Your calls can make the difference between a  win and a loss.​ You may make 30 calls in half an  hour and reach only a few people. However, when  you add your handful to everyone else’s, you’ve  increased voting by 2-3% (Gerber and Green, 2016).  The only thing you can do to beat that is to drive  cross country and begin to knock on doors.  

Click here​ to read the full article on the effectiveness and benefits of phone calling  to increase voting and volunteerism.

It Is Easier Than You Think

Some people dread making calls, but almost everyone rises to the occasion. Don’t  let a few butterflies get in the way of making progress towards a left-leaning  country. 

Relax​: Contrary to public opinion, you aren’t trying  to convert anyone. You’re calling people who have a  history of voting Democrat. Your goal in these calls  is simple: encourage left-leaning people to get to  the polls and even volunteer. These are special  elections, so people aren’t getting deluged by  callers; they will be more amenable to talking. 

Be human: ​You can say things like, “One time I forgot to vote; since then, I’ve made  a plan so I follow through. What’s your plan?” Or “They want me to get answers to  these questions… can you help me out?” 

Deal with the hang ups and rejection by having fun:​ Go with a friend. Bring your  favorite expensive latte. Sneak a cookie from the kitchen. Between calls, play  Sudoku or solitaire. Dance to the muzak. Talk to the person next to you. You can  even write postcards to voters!  Click here​ for other advice on how to survive (and thrive) in a phone bank.

Click here​ for other advice on how to survive (and thrive) in a phone bank.

Ready to Start?

There are two critical elections Tuesday April 2nd: Pam Iovino in Pennsylvania and Judge Lisa Neubauer in Wisconsin

Phone bank from home for Pam Iovino now through April 2

Phone bank for home for Judge Neubauer now through April 2

Phone bank Sunday 3/31 4 pm at Cambridge Activist Afternoons for Pam Iovino with Sister District MA/RI

Phone bank 3/31 4 pm at Cambridge Activist Afternoons for Judge Neubauer with Cambridge Area Stronger Together

Pam Iovino PA State Senate District 37
Pam Iovino, Pennsylvania State Senate District 37

Pam Iovino (Pennsylvania State Senate District 37 in Gerrymandered Pennsylvania)

Judge Lisa Neubauer
Judge Lisa Neubauer, Wisconsin Judicial Election

Judge Lisa Neubauer (Judicial Election in Gerrymandered Wisconsin)

Click the links above to find out what you can do to help—including phone banking from home or a phone bank event.

Phone bank to GOTV with GA and FL Voters Sunday 3/31 4 pm with Environmental Voter Project

Check Out These Videos about Phone Banking

These videos offer info about the value of phone banking and tricks that will make  you a better (and happier) caller: 

Democracy Labs: ​Improve Your Phone Banking Skills​. 

If you want to see highly detailed info about on-the ground efforts in Wisconsin  (including why it matters), try the ACLU’s ​Supreme Court Phone Banking Training​. 

It’s not just us: ​GetUp! Australia​ ​will make you smile. 

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