Maine Phone Bank Training

Call Maine Voters to Help Oust Susan Collins!

The Maine Dems are using the cold winter months to clean up the voter list and hone their messaging so they (and we) can hit the ground running (and canvassing) this spring.  It’s all very easy —no persuasion required, just listening to voter issues, identifying support for candidates, and cleaning up the list. Feedback from these calls will help the Maine Dems hone their anti-Collins messaging and have a stronger list for spring canvassing.

Join our phone bank training to review best phone banking practices, learn how to use the automatic dialer, and practice our winter script.

Get ready to dial, or even better, host your own phone bank!

While letters and postcards are effective, your calls are truly personal—and they cost less, too!

These calls aren’t about persuading, you’ll just be chatting. Your time on the phone will contribute to more powerful messaging and a stronger voter list for canvassing.

Mainers tend to be polite, pleasant, and likely to answer their phones. Come to the training, test the waters with an approachable crowd, and help the Maine Dems defeat Susan Collins!

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