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Post your event to the calendar

Posted on August 7, 2020
Add your event to the Swing Left Greater Boston calendar

Events that meet the Swing Left Greater Boston criteria will automatically appear on the Swing Left Greater Boston calendar. All you need to do is post on Mobilize America. Haven’t used Mobilize yet? This form will get you started. After it’s approved, you’ll be able to edit it, invite people, and track who’s coming.

Events longer than two consecutive days will appear on a weekly banner on the calendar. Email the calendar volunteers if your event changes or you need help.

For information on configuring your event page, see the Mobilize Events Guide. Help on using Mobilize is available from Lisa Kretsge and her team. Lisa can also help if you’d like to change the event photo or if you have multiple upcoming events that are similar to each other and would like to create a more customized version of this template for your campaign.