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Postmaster’s Pledge

Posted on August 10, 2020

The U.S. postal service has committed to doing its part to help make our elections safe and secure by prioritizing the mail delivery of absentee ballots. Ask your local post master to do his or her part by posting this pledge in a public location in the local post office.

Subject:  Vote by Mail Ballots


This United States Postal Service facility wishes to inform our patrons that we take very seriously our responsibility to provide the most efficient and speedy service in the handling and processing of Vote by Mail ballots.

Voting by Mail has five main elements:  The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) in each county prints and mails the ballots to voters who have requested to Vote by Mail.  The postal service processes these ballots and delivers them to voters.  Each voter completes the ballot in the manner prescribed by their SOE and either returns it in person to an SOE facility or entrusts it to the postal service for delivery.  The postal service processes and delivers the ballots it receives to the SOE.  The SOE processes and tabulates the returned ballots.

Our patrons who use this system must be able to trust the postal service to perform its mission in a prompt and speedy manner.  We pledge to uphold this trust.

Voting Is the bedrock upon which our nation was founded.  It is our privilege to be entrusted to carry out this mission.  We pledge to do so with the aim of completing the task speedily and without error.


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