Protect Our Elections!

Protect Our Elections!

Posted on Apr. 27, 2020

Swing Left Greater Boston has just reviewed a brief outlining Republican plans for a $50 million dollar multifaceted voter suppression effort in the fall of 2020 that is cynically titled the “Honest Election Project “ It is anything but an honest election initiative. It is Jim Crow disguised in a 21st century context.

It is :

  • 50,000 intimidating poll watchers in precincts all over key states;      
  • a multifaceted effort to suppress younger and minority voters;
  • a well-funded media plan to amplify the specter of voter fraud; 
  • a well-funded plan to promote voter uncertainty due to Covid-19;
  • and more.

However, Swing Left Greater Boston and Force Multiplier among other organizations are working to help foil this cynical plan by:

  1. Signing up for voter protection initiatives to ensure the right to vote; 
  2. encouraging infrequent voters to sign up to vote by mail;
  3. working with Democratic county committees to insure that those who apply for mail-in ballots can vote;
  4. working with Reclaim Our Vote to rescue voters who have been dropped from the rolls;
  5. Supporting voter empowerment efforts in six key states;
  6. and more.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the Swing Left Boston postcard or phone bank calendar of events, you can host your own Vote by Mail or Reclaim Our Vote postcard event or phone bank. Contact us for details.